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Anyone else experience chaffing under your bra?

The skin underneath my boobs is starting to chaff due to the growth of my boobs since I got pregnant. I haven't been able to buy a new bra yet as I was trying to wait a little longer but now I don't think I can wait any longer.

I hate sports bras as they make me look like my boobs are hanging to my belly button and none I have tried ever fit right. Its just so frustrating right now.

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Re: Anyone else experience chaffing under your bra?

  • Ugh. I know this better than anyone! I went bra shopping several times during my pregnancy. It only gets even worse towards the end when your belly is HUGE. Because, for instance, I still measured 32. And my cup size wasn't changing at that point, but my belly was in the way and I had major major irritation from the wire. Due to my size, I have to wear underwire. I went from a 32G to a 32I.
  • I started out at a 36FF and am now probably a 36G or maybe even a 38FF. There has just been no time to go have a fitting lately.
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  • Can't say that I have experienced that yet.
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  • I noticed a little bit last night when I took a shower.  I've also had horribly dry skin...I have to lather up in lotion when I get out of the shower every night.  My boobs are pretty swollen and just about to outgrow my bra...I'm not huge, 36C, so sports bra's still help me.  I have to sleep in them now tho...the girls can no longer hang by themselves, lol.  Try some lotion or something and see if that helps.
  • Yeah, I actually wore one of my "pregnancy" bras earlier this week because the wires were digging underneath and on the sides of my breasts.  Even though it's ridiculously early my boobs are so swollen, I had to go up to a 38, instead of the usual 36! 

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