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U of Phoenix Part 2

About the "just schedule a c-section" remark......

Thanks for all the comments!  It's nice to hear I'm not insane for being so upset.  I take one class every 5 weeks, that's just the way their program works.  So I thought asking for 5 or 6 weeks off was no big deal.  They don't go by semesters.  It's year round with one small break at Christmas.  If I were to drop anything, I would have to completely leave the program.  No refunds!    

I called today and spoke to another advisor about what this particular woman said to me.  The first person I talked to was a male and he didn't get what the big deal was.  I asked for his supervisor (a female and mother) and she suggested filing a complaint and agreed that this girl was way out of line!  She is going to look into it for me and explore my options.  So forward I march!  



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