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hmmmm, i think i'm having contractions (9/9 UPDATE)

9/9 Update - well I was definitely having contractions last night. they felt very different from the BH i've been having for the last several months. they were 6-7 minutes apart for about 3 hours. i had a glass of wine, a big bowl of oatmeal and went to bed about 10:30. they continued through the night (i slept through them fine, my bladder woke me up several times) and i had some this morning as well...but no pattern or regularity to them today. 

i guess that just means baby isn't quite ready yet and my body is getting itself together for the big event! i saw my MW today and we discussed options for next week if i'm still pregnant. we'll start with a membrane sweep and see how that works first. in the meantime, baby's head is engaged slightly, which she said is perfectly normal for 2nd time moms. 

so, all looks good. had chiro this a.m., massage in an hour!

thanks soo much for all your well wishes last night. it's so wonderful to have this's meant so much to me over the months! so glad the nest/bump finally recognized us!


kinda hoped this would start in the morning, after a nights rest.

going to have a glass of wine after i put the kiddo to bed and put face to pillow too!

at 40.4, I hope this is it!

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Re: hmmmm, i think i'm having contractions (9/9 UPDATE)

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