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gift for Hostess?

a friend from church is very graciously giving me a shower and I think inviting all the ladies from our small church and offered to let me invite a couple coworkers and 2 neighbors.  My family is all half way across the country and this is my only shower.  Due to this arrangement it looks like a lot of people will be there.  I really would like to give her a hostess gift but don't know even where to start.  Any Hostess Gift Ideas?

Re: gift for Hostess?

  • personally I think any form of thanks is great wether it be a nice candle with holder, a gift card, a bath basket, if you know she has a hobby but some stuff for that, flowers, a  edible arrangement, wine basket, cheese basket, a cooking basket there are tons of ideas out there.  Have fun and how thoughtful for you to think of something. 
  • I'm getting my hostess a gift certificate for a pedicure at her favorite nail salon.
  • I was just thinking about this too! My MIL is going all out for our baby, and for me since my family is across the country too. I'm so glad you have good friends to share the excitement with where you are.

    So far I thought of a couple simple things:

    A framed photo of the two of us and a thank you note

    A simple necklace or earrings with our baby's birthstone... (maybe but I'm due at the beginning of January, so the month is up in the air... Even if it's a friend, it's a cool way to include her more. Or if she has kids, you could get theirs.

    Some really nice chocolates from a local shop

     Sorry... this wasn't the best list. Good luck!

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  • I was just at a shower where the mother gave the hostess a Baby Cakes Cupcake Maker (under coolest gadgets!) and a cupcake cookbook or something like that. I thought it was really cute and there were a lot of people asking where to get these, etc. I believe it is only $30. Let me know what else you think of, as I am expecting and having a shower in a month...and can't use the same gift idea! ....Also, I noticed Williams Sonoma has the famous Sprinkles cupcake mix!
  • I'm giving my hostesses a set of stone coasters with their initial on it along with 3 candles that go on a plate/holder thingy.  I will also mail them a thank-you card after the shower.
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