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cute halloween "bump" shirts PIP/LIP

My cousin sent me a link to these shirts.  If you're looking for a shirt to wear on Halloween they have some cute ones.  I was going to try to incorporate my belly (tho it wont be very big by then anyway) into DD's Halloween costume, but this just seems easier.  ha.
The shop is:  Jellybean on Etsy.  No I am not affiliated with them whatsoever.  :-P
BLACK CAT - Short Sleeve Black Maternity T-shirt, Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X or 3X 
I'M HIDING A PUMPKIN UNDER MY SHIRT - Black Long Sleeve Maternity Tshirt, S, M, L or XL  "I'm hiding a pumpking under my shirt"
PUMPKIN SMUGGLER  Maternity Top Tee T-shirt Long-Sleeve Black, Sizes S, M, L, XL available  "pumpkin smuggler"
And of course, for all the "preggers" haters Stick out tongue , not Halloween related, but it made me think of TB: 
PREGGERS Maternity Tank Top T-shirt, Military Green, Available in Sizes S, M, L and XL

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