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Ahhh- finger foods scare me!

DD is 8 mon now and I want to begin introducing finger foods.  She's on stage 2 baby food right now but I've been reluctant to do anything else because I'm afraid she'll choke.  I read the articles- crackers, bagels, cheese, ripe bananas, etc... but the thought of me not cutting or mashing it up enough and her choking freaks me out!!  I tried one of those puff snacks and it didn't disolve without me chewing- poor DD has no teeth! 

What are some easy suggestions and how big are these chunks or pieces???  I need step by step instructions (are these bagels toasted or not?).  I know she can't eat baby food forever... 


Re: Ahhh- finger foods scare me!

  • DS has been eating finger foods for a while now with no problems and his first teeth just started breaking through this week.  Babies seem to do really well with only gums.  

    He eats puffs, cheerios, teething biscuits, banana, bread (un-toasted), tomato, pasta spirals, watermelon, blueberries (spits the skins out), pieces of meat (chicken, turkey, meatball), potato, green beans, etc.

    I just break things into small pieces (though lately have been giving him larger chunks to gnaw on) to pick up on his own.  He has never choked.  He's gagged here and there but that is normal and the way babies learn to move food around in their mouths. 

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  • You could try  puffs first my pedi says they are good because they disolve, therefore allowing the baby to eat on their own without the choking hazard.
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