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Jogging stroller - how young was your LO?

Just wondering how old your LO was when you started using a jogging stroller?  DD has very good neck/head control for her age, but obviously the longer I wait the better it will be. 

Any stroller rec's would be great if you have them.

Thanks! :)

Re: Jogging stroller - how young was your LO?

  • i cant wait to use mine!! but i read that the baby has to be 6 months :( so i guess i have a long wait.. i'll prob wait at least till he is 5 or so... i really thought it was earlier though. its so tempting to even jog with my regular stroller though lol.
  • You should wait until kiddo can sit well unassisted (so 5-6 months) before putting them directly in the jogger.  However, many can be used with a car seat (I have the BOB revolution) - I used it with the car seat around 2 months or so.  Given that I was running on very smooth pavement and hardly setting any speed records, I felt comfortable doing this.  I think there was more jostling from a car ride than from me running with him since the BOB is so smooth on smooth terrain. 

    So if you are talking with a car seat on smooth pavement, I think it's ok to go ahead.

  • I have a Chariot.  I was able to run at 4 months with the infant sling insert.  Without the insert they recommend waiting til 6 months.

    This is what we have:

    I love it!!  When she's older we can also use it as a bike trailer.  It works well as a stroller too. It's a little pricey, but well worth it if you like to be outside. 

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  • 4 days old but I wasn't running....I was walking. One of my running friends gave me this tip to use the stroller with wee ones: roll receiving blankets and place them around LO's head/neck/body. I also folded one and put it under his rump so he sits up higer for the straps to fit better.

    I know the instructions say 6 months, but who can wait that long? I've been using the above added "structure" and it's working great - even now that I'm running!

  • I forgot the stroller rec...I have the Ironman by BOB. It was recommended for running 5Ks and 10Ks. If you run less, you may be able to get away with a differnt stroller. If you are a rather serious runner and want one to run several miles, I recommend looking for:

    stationary front wheel

    large wheels

    wrist strap - to connect you to the stroller

    free, swaying seat for the child - the seat doesn't move all that much but just enough to keep LO calm and sometimes rock him to sleep:)


  • Pretty much ditto with ncbelle. You can walk with them in the stroller from day 1, but you shouldn't jog with them in it until they are at least 6 months old. Unless you have a carseat adapter of some sort. I started jogging with both DS and DD (using the adapter) around 2 months and made sure to stay on smooth surfaces.

    And it isn't just about having good neck control, it is also about them having enough muscle strength in their backs to absorb the jostling. For me, it is NOT worth it to risk injury to their back so I'd either get a stroller with some kind of adapter, or wait until the appropriate age.

  • I started when DS was about 2.5mos old. We have the jeep overland jogging stroller.
  •  I had - have a Phils & teds jogging pram.  Its fantastic, and I started using it and running at around 6 weeks!!!!

      I just layed the baby supine and made sure she was well supported and locked in and away I went.

    She loved it. I loved it. We would go for about 5kms and she would sleep and I would sweat.

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