2nd Trimester

Movements already starting to get uncomfortable

There are many times of the day lately where i have no idea what this baby is up to in there but the movements are not comfortable at all. It's like I feel elbows and knees and they are scraping the insides of me. I guess baby has a hard time getting comfy sometimes and moves in weird ways but ouch, not fun! It's also making me wonder how big this baby is since I didn't feel movements like this til later on w/DS.
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Re: Movements already starting to get uncomfortable

  • Ditto.


    LO has been doing the same thing to me the past couple of weeks. Everything feels very pointy and uncomfortable. Usually it happens when I am laying on my side. At the last few appointments they had mentioned that he has measuring big so that might have something to do with it--I think he is long.

  • I feel your pain...

    ...no, really. lol, horrible pun, sorry. Really though, my LO's feet have been crammed into my ribs (right-hand side) for about 3 days now. I can't imagine how it's going to feel when I'm closer to full-term.



  • I -just- started feeling movement this past Saturday. And seeing it too.... oh man is that a creepy thing to watch! LOL Almost all night and frequently throughout the day, I just feel pokes and prods throughout my belly and other times it just feels like a giant bubble floating around. LO especially moves around after I take a shower and I see my belly moving ALOT. I haven't gotten to the painful stage yet...just discomfort. It makes me wonder what she's doing in there. hehe

    On a side vent.... I just got new bigger sized jeans a few weeks back and now NOTHING FITS!!!!!!! ::cry:: Hello, Motherhood Maternity. :p

  • I'm convinced my two either have scheduled dance times or wrestling matches a few times a day. I'm glad that I get to feel them move around, but sometimes it's overwhelming!
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