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Moby wrap age/weight limit?

Can I use it for my 4 1/2 month old? He's about 16 lbs...does anyone know the limits for the Moby? I can't find it on google...
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Re: Moby wrap age/weight limit?

  • i think its 35 pounds. I use mine for my 4 month great :) 
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  • image yecal262:
    i think its 35 pounds. I use mine for my 4 month great :) 


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  • I think you can use it until 30 pounds BUT many people start to struggle with it around 15 pounds. We did.
  • Yes you can use a moby, but once LO gets big it becomes very uncomfortable.  A woven wrap would be a better option, but they are pricey. 

    Since there is a learning curve with wrapping I would suggest starting with a cotton gauze wrap or an osnaburg wrap (both can be DIY-ed for relatively cheap).  Both of these options will enable you to do front, hip, and back carries which makes them more versatile than the moby.

    Feel free to pm me if you have any questions on how to make these.

    Certified Babywearing Instructor
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  • No real limits, but it is about comfort-- the stretchy material sags around that weight.  We used the Moby every day until 3.5 months when DS was about 17lbs.  We switched to a woven wrap and it is much more supportive (and not as hot).  We use two different ones Vatanai (lightweight material) and a Neobulle (medium weight material).  
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  • I believe the weight limit is 30lbs. DD is about 16-17 lbs and I'm actually enjoying carrying her now more than every - she's much more awake and looking around... but after a while she DOES get heavy!!
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