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Doctor or hospital first?

Hi ladies.  DH got a new job and we've relocated to a new state.  Shortly after he accepted the job I found out I was pregnant.  Now that we're settled (and since I'm almost 9 weeks) we need to find a doctor.  What should we do first - find a doctor that we like or find a hospital that we like and choose from one of their doctors?  This is our first so I'm not exactly sure how this works.  Thanks for any advice!
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Re: Doctor or hospital first?

  • I would find your doctor first.
  • Find a doctor you like and trust.  That is more important than which hospital you give birth in.

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  • I agree with finding the doc.  The hospital is only a couple of days, but you'll be seeing the doc a whole awful lot.
  • I actually chose my hospital first. We had a few choices, and they all had such different rules/attitudes about birth. One was very open to all sorts of birth plans and had a very low c-section rate; another was very "stay in bed and we'll get that baby out of you" sort of place, with a very high section rate. I contacted the education director and asked for a list of drs and midwives that delivered in the hospital I liked and started calling around. I made some consultation appointments and then chose the one I liked. I feel like I know what sort of experience I'll have since I already know what the hospital is like. Sometimes the Dr's practice can be influenced by the hospital rules.
  • I chose my hospital first as well. However, I did so because I will not deliver at the hospital that treated my DH's family so poorly when his nephew died. If you don't know the reputation of the hospitals and have no reason to pick one over the other, then choose your doctor first.

  • For us, it's the hospital first.  We want one with a capable NICU and good reviews.  The nurses will be around wayyyyy more than the doctor and the hospital will matter a whole bunch those 2-3 days.  Then, we found a good doctor connected with the hospital we wanted.  GL
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  • In our area a few of the hospitals are very supportive of natural births while others push epidurals, etc. So for me, I looked at Dr's first and then where they delivered and made sure that they delivered where I was comfortable.
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  • I honestly chose my Dr. first and just loved the hospital options. Luckily though, my Dr. delivered at 2 different hospitals, so if I didn't like the one, I could go to the other.
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  • I picked the hospital (closest to my home, brand new facility, friend delivered there last October) and they have their own OB clinic (not at the hospital) so I'll have a group of doc's to choose from!

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  • We chose our Dr. based on the hospital we want to deliver at.  We have a hospital that's 5 minutes from our house but there in no NICU.  So, we chose a hospital about 25 minutes away with a lever IV NICU and then asked the hospital to recommend Dr.'s.
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