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Suggestions re: returning to work

For those mommas that have already returned to work:

Did you just jump right back in, started on Monday and worked a full work week/normal schedule?


did you go back on a modified schedule for a week or two?


I was thinking about possibly going back on a Mon and working thru Wed and then taking Thurs and Fri off so that I was easing myself into being away from DD. Someone else suggested working half days all week.

DD is currently EBF and soon I will start pumping and introducing the bottle.


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Re: Suggestions re: returning to work

  • both kellymom and dr sears suggest that you start out midweek so u can better adjust. if i had my way, and have enough money, i will just work part-time.

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  • I had no choice but to jump back in (I'm a teacher and school starts when it starts!) and I was EXHAUSTED and SORE the first few days back. If you can ease your way back in slowly, I would recommend it! Also, if your work is close enough that half days are worth the drive, it seems like a good option. You could probably get away with only pumping once away from home.
  • I also suggest part time first. I went back on Monday BAM full time. It was like a punch in the stomach. By Wednesday, I was talking to my boss abt reducing to part time for 2 weeks. Good luck!
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  • I go back in a month & I'm not sure if they'll let me ease back in so I'll probably have to jump back in & it's 6 days a week :( ?If you are able to do a few days at 1st that seems to be the way to go.
  • The week before I went back I took DD to daycare twice (Tues/Thur) for both her and I to get used to it. I think that helped a lot because I saw how these ladies were for long periods of time and how they handle it when multiple babies are crying at once. I started back on a Tuesday and then I have a long weekend and another 4 day week next week. I definitely would not go back on Monday. 4 days was long enough! Good luck! It's so hard!
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  • I started back this week on the first of the month, which was Wednesday. So I worked three days this week, I will work four days next week (I'm off for Labor Day) and I will work five days the following week. I didn't plan it this way, but I'm glad it worked out that way, because even a three day week was exhausting!
  • I am going back part time (3 days a week instead of 5) for the first month.  I did this with DD1 also and it worked out pretty well.  Not that I loved going back to work but at least I was able to ease in to it.  I am so glad I am doing it again and will have 2 days home with the girls a week for that first month.

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