2nd Trimester

feeling... 'different'

im just into my 2nd tri and everything is ok. until a few days ago. i had a ham sandwich 2 days in a row - the prepackaged kind - and didnt heat it up. i didnt know you had to be careful with it. i also had milk those evenings, which before i got prego i was slightly lactose intolerant. the sandwiches made me feel sick and the milk had no effect, which is odd for me and milk. now i feel like i have to poop all the time but i cant. or if i can i have to push and im afraid of pushing too hard... (can you this early? and my dr did say its not good to get constipated...) no, there has been no bleeding or spotting at all.

so i just thought my stomach was off. then we had sex. and that felt WAY different. i did hear it can feel different as you get farther along. but this was weird. it didnt hurt exactly but was fairly uncomfortable. am i just looking for a problem or is something wrong? (i did have a fairly large cramp after my 'moment'...)

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Re: feeling... 'different'

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