1st Trimester

Do you still play any sports?

If yes, what sport and when do you plan on stopping?
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Re: Do you still play any sports?

  • I plan on playing inside volleyball all winter ending in March.  My cousin played last year until she delivered with no problems.  It isn't a power league at all but we do sweat and work out during it!
  • I stopped playing softball with my company team when I found out I was pregnant. 

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  • I say it's a sport... I dance and will continue to until I physically can't.  I teach ballet and take a tap class.  A friend of mine who also teaches and is in my tap class is pregnant, she plans on continuing until she can't as well.
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  • I play softball for a woman's league team. I didn't play this year, or last, due to a busy schedule. But I would have stopped playing anyway once I found out I was pregnant. A woman on our team a few years ago miscarried because she didn't know she was pregnant and was playing rather rough. Now, I guess you can't really say whether her playing softball, sliding, running, etc had a huge part in her miscarry, but I, for one, wasn't willing to take the chance.

    Every women is different and some women may be able to sustain a high-octane workout regiment. I'd rather keep it light for now ;-) I've read that if you're especially at risk for pre-term labor that you should sustain from working out too hard. As a follow up for my friend, her and husband did conceive again but she delivered very early. Possibly she was at risk for preterm labor (for whatever reason) but was unaware. Therefor her activity in the first pregnancy was a bit out of scope for her.

    Hope this helps!

  • I'll be missing my entire ski season this year. Crying
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  • I started training for a half marathon a few months ago. I actually signed up and paid for it last week. Knowing we were TTC I asked around and it's all about your comfort level. I've been training so i'm in decent shape to keep up the running/ cardio/ strenght ect. It's probably not an excellent idea to start working out hard when your pregnant. But if youre comfortable with it- go for it.

     Note: I stopped working out with my first pregnancy and gained a whopping 60 lbs. I will NOT let that happen this time around. So I'm going to keep myself active to a certian extent. :)

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  • image skio:
    I'll be missing my entire ski season this year. Crying

    Me too!!!  We rent a place for four months and go every weekend.  Not to mention, I teach part time at the mountain, so this winter is going to be a bit of a change for me. 


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  • I played softball until the season was over, which was only 4 weeks, so I wasn't very far along. I wanted to play fall softball but my DF wasn't having it lol.
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  • I play and coach volleyball, and I plan on continuing until I can't anymore.  Obviously I won't be diving or doing anything crazy like I did before, but it's still a pretty good workout.
  • I coach the soccer team at my school and I played every day with the kids (high school) until I was 25 weeks with #1. As long as you're being sensible and careful, you'll be fine.
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  • I am still ice skating and plan to until 6 months or so. But I have stopped doing jumps, spins and any complicated moves.
  • Triathlons - and I've given up races.  Mass swim starts - I choose to not partake since you can easily get kicked.  Swimming in general is great!  Just not mass starts. Cycling - I've taken a break since falling would be bad (and my clipless pedals in the city can cause issues - especially since I am less than graceful).  I switched running with walking.
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