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O the weight gain...

How much have you gained for your pregnancy so far?  I'm at 32 weeks and went from being 110 to 135 and feel huge!  All my doctors say I'm right on track but as I look at the scale climbing I just don't think so since I still have 8 more weeks with about a pound a week to go! 

Re: O the weight gain...

  • Repeat after me: "Im pregnant and I will gain weight"

    That being said I lost 16lbs due to hyperemesis and gained 20 so far. I didnt need to gain as much as you since Im 5'4 and ... ahem... fluffy (lose the baby weight between one and two or you will be in my shoes)


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  • Whoa, I just realized I gained 30lbs. ::shrugs shoulders:: Oh well. I have no problem with gaining this weight. I know its for a good reason and I know how to take it off, I did it once before and I know I'll be able to do it again.
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  • I've gained about ten or fifteen pounds too! And i am 32 weeks today, from all the people i know who've been pregnant they all said they gained a lot more. Like 30-50 pounds so i just hope i don't gain that much.
  • There's really no magic number and so much depends on your pre-pregnancy weight and each individual pregnancy. ?If you were overweight to begin with, then yes, you should aim to gain less weight. ?If you were underweight, gain a bit more and if you were average, gain the recommended 30ish pounds. ?These numbers are just guidelines though. ?The most important thing is that your baby is getting calories and that those calories are ideally not of the "empty" variety.

    If you gain a bit more than you would have liked, then you'll be among the thousands of other women taking to the gym after they deliver. ?How many people seriously have a PERFECT pregnancy? ?I think it's far better to listen to your body, be mindful of your health, but not spend too much time obsessing over your weight. ?Added stress during an already stressful period of your life can only lead to bad bad things (and probably even more weight)!

    I was classified as underweight when I had DS at the age of 23 (I was 5'1" and weighed 92lbs pre-pregnancy). ?I gained a total of 35 lbs and also had GD but DS arrived at a healthy 6lbs 11 oz. ?I did get back to my PP weight (breastfeeding and roller derby helped a TON). ?Now I'm 33+ weeks and have already gained something like 28 lbs with NO GD this time. ?Does any of that make sense on paper? ?Not really but that's okay because each pregnancy is different and I'm confident that I'm doing all I can to ensure my baby and my body are healthy. ?

    So everyone take a deep breath, and an appreciative look in the mirror at your amazing bodies. ?Give yourselves a good pat on the belly for the miraculous and hard work it's doing. :)

  • I believe I am up about 10lbs overall (8 of that was this last 4 weeks), but I lost some in the first tri because of hypermesis. Everyone gains so differently and some gain more than others. I don't think 25lbs at 32 weeks is bad, especially because of your pp weight. If your doc isn't worried...I wouldn't be!

    Also, I heard that the weight gain slows down the last couple of weeks, so the pound a week "rule" doesn't really hold true most of the time once you are past 36 weeks.

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  • You ARE right on track... I know how you feel about watching the scale climbing, but really that is SUPPOSED to happen. Especially because you were a smaller person to begin with, that amount of weight gain is totally appropriate. The only reason I would be upset with my gain is if I knew I was eating poorly and it was unhealthy weight gain.

     You sound like you're doing a good job!! You'll be fine :)

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