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Only part of the umbilical stump fell off...

Is that normal?  LO is 3 weeks old today.  A big part of the stump fell off tonight, but a couple of smaller pieces are still attached.  And it bled a little when it fell off.  Should I be concerned or is that normal?

Re: Only part of the umbilical stump fell off...

  • LO's fell off a few days ago and the base was still left.  She had an appt on Tuesday and the pedi removed the rest of it.
  • The top part of the stump fell off on my LO (Where they clamp it) and she still had a piece of scab where the belly button should be. I kept it clean and dry, but one day it got mushy and I got scared.

    The doctor said to keep an eye on it. Well the next day it kind of "ruptured" (bled a little) and I took her in to have it looked at.

    The doctor removed the last little piece and told me to use an alcohol wipe on it every day a couple of times a day to dry it up and to make it a belly button.

    It's all healed up now. 

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • Just keep it clean and dry. 

    You will be heading to the pedi in a week, right?

    They will clean it up and give you further instructions if necessary.  Resist the urge to mess with it.  It truly is better left alone.

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