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Gestational Diabetes and Appropriate Diet

I just found out this morning that i have gestational diabetes and was given a glucometer and such. Does anyone on here have the same diagnosis and can you provide me with some healthy meal ideas? I'm following the doctors/dieticians orders in terms of my carb intake but am still starving for most of the day.
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Re: Gestational Diabetes and Appropriate Diet

  • I was not Gestational but have been a type 2 diabetic for 9 years. The best thing to do is eat lots of small meals through the day. While I was pregnant I had breakfast of greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and flax seed meal. Then I had a low carb high fiber snack bar or an apple with some peanut butter as a snack. Then for lunch I would have a sandwich on low carb bread or wrap, or a huge salad. Then another snack mid day, almonds, fruit, etc. Then a small dinner. You feel like you are non stop eating but it keeps your blood sugar constant instead of shooting up after meals and then dropping in between.

    The dietician taught me high fiber, low carb, high protein and low fat. I tried to stay away from processed foods. Now that I am not pregnant my husband and I are doing the Eat Clean diet. I have lost all of my weight from DS and from taking insulin and fertility drugs and am working on more (DS is 4.5 months old)

    Are they having you food journal and write down your blood sugars? I had to do both and fax them weekly for review.

    Also activity is very important.  

    Good Luck!  

  • the mayo clinic online is a good resource for an exchange list. I was on carb counting and bs 2 hours after meals. sugar free jello was my go to snack. shouldve bought stock! good luck. remember it wont last forever. I got really frustrated with it the last few weeks. expect to go for nst's 2 times a week and us once a week at least.
  • also theres usually alot of gd on the high risk board
  • I don't have to food journal, nor was i given a meal plan but I do have to write down my blood sugars four times a day. I turn them in at my biweekly appointments. So far i have only had about two blood sugars that were out of control in the past two weeks but that was because i ate and then took my lazy butt to sleep. I now know that I have to go for a walk after eating to get my sugars to a normal level. Those small snacks seem to spur up my appetite as after a snack I'm starving. I've been eating alot of fast food for lunch (out of town on busines for work the folks gave us a $25 limit per day on food) but I use the nutrition menu and eat under 60 carbs. For example i had Burger king tonight. Whopper junior with cheese and a side salad my snack before bed will be a small motts applesauce cup (15g of carbs) and a gram cracker with low sodium, low sugar peanut butter (15). The sad thing is i will still wake up at like 4 am starving. I kind of conditioned my LO to eating at 4am before i found out i had diabetes. we would wake up and pig out at 4am everyday.
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