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MIL repeating her mistakes

The weekend I was due MIL decided to go to the lake, over two hours away from home and with incredibly poor cell service. Of course I went into labor exactly on my due date and we couldn't get a hold of her for hours. It really hurt DH. Obviously she doesn't need to stay at home until I had the baby, but seriously? You are so excited for the baby and then you can't be reached? Well she asked last night if she can come to our house (two hours away and with poor cell service) next weekend. My SIL (her daughter) is due next weekend. WTF? Yes, we want to see you but I specifically said to DH I don't want to have what happened to us happen to SIL. And if SIL does have the baby, we won't be home because we'll be leaving to go visit her and baby. She doesn't seem to think things through!


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Re: MIL repeating her mistakes

  • if it makes you feel better, my parents who live 9 hours away still have not made the trip out.. they knew when i was due, but they didnt make any arrangements to come out; kept talkin about it but that was it...first excuse was the 5th wheel needed repaired, and she cant stay in a hotel cause they are disgusting and she didnt want to leave her lil dog alone in the room to get dognapped (ok so leave him at my house)....then it was they were low on money...then mom tells me dad had been in an accident 3 MONTHS prior (how nice right?) and the side mirror busted up his teeth so they were dealing the we are going to be 2 hours away this weekend having our DD's baptism, and just because DH's mother will be there she doesnt want to go (neither do i but no choice) so she says shes goin to pray and see if God says she should go...sounds like a great way to get out of it. so she will get to see her for one day when we stop by their house, and ill get to hear how my DD wont get to see them cause we're military and are sooo far away...ready for kicker????

    She started complaining to me about how she wishes the dentist would hurry up cause she was really wanting to go on a TRIP TO NORTH CAROLINA... I live in NEBRASKA...SHES IN INDIANA!!!! Talk about priorities...Im tired of hearing her whine about how much she wants to see my DD and hold wanna see her so bad and buy her things, there is an interstate that comes almost to my doorstep stop ordering online and shipping to it and bring it out yourself!

    Sorry guess I needed to vent too...

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