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Lincoln Military Housing Move-Out Inspection Question

My husband and I just moved out of Lincoln Military Housing. They gave us the sheet with the final esitmated charges of repair. I was reading on the sheet that it says that the cost can change based upon labor and additional items found that need to be repaired. 

I was just curious, because we've had such a bad experience so far, how many of you have moved out of military housing, paid the amount due, and then ran in to additional charges after ward. 

 If you did, how bad were the additional charges?

We're really in a financial bind getting ready for our little one, moving, and my husband's EAS date approaching.  So I'd really like to be mentally and emotionally prepared for what could possibly come next. 


Re: Lincoln Military Housing Move-Out Inspection Question

  • When we moved out of post housing we went ahead and paid the $200 fee for them to "clean".  Doing this option guaranteed no further charges and whatnot.  I would say that if there is an option for a "everything is covered" thing, then do that (peace of mind).

  • We just moved out of Lincoln Housing in Quantico in May.  We did not get charged for labor.  We also didn't get anything saying that, we just got a list of what the charges are for damages. 

     If you have renters insurance through USAA check to see if you have the part where you are reimbursed for any charges that are from base housing.  They will reimburse you the charges up to one month's base pay.

  • Lincoln tried to wrap us up once, but I threw the lease back in their face. They are supposed to give you opportunity to correct the damages and anything OVER $300 has to have photographic evidence. Their own lease will work against them.

    The people that work there act like THEY own the house personally. We are at the point were we pay the $200 and let them deal with it.

  • Thanks for the feedback.  We weren't give the option of a cover-all fee, and we didn't have our renters insurance through USAA.  (Wishing now we would have - we have State Farm). 

    I'm just worried that they are going to come back and try to get more money than they already got us for (which BTW was a lot).

    Fingers crossed.  I'll keep the photographic evidence in my back pocket in case they come back. 

  • We just had them out to fix things before the move out date and documented the crap out of things they did not fix but we notified them of. I hate Lincoln with a passion!!
  • I work for Lincoln and am a military spouse as well. I don't know about those districts you all have had bad experiences with, but our district is very honest and professional. The way we do move-out inspections is based on several things. 1) If you have a move-in condition form on file, anything you noted on it you will not be held responsible for, but if you don't have one on file, that is not in your favor. 2) You will only be charged for anything beyond normal wear and tear (carpet/vinyl). They prorate it based off a 5 year life expectancy. The only things I've seen people get hit hard for is urine or bleach stains in the carpet, leaving the place trashed, and ruining the blinds. I've only seen people get additional charges a handful of times. The most recent one as an example...the resident moved in, changed all the locks on the house themselves, didn't give us keys, and left. When the originally checked out, they only had one small charge, but when they got their first letter to pay their charges they were caught off guard by the additional charges. Had they told us they wouldn't provide us with keys that work, we would have disclosed the charges at that time. We charged $25 per lock (originally stated in the move out charges form they signed when they moved in). Also sometimes the inspector at the final inspection doesn't know about something being broken until the techs go in to get the unit ready.

    I'm sorry some of you have had a bad experience. That sucks. I would n't work at the office I do, if I didn't enjoy being a resident. So far it's been a pleasure living there and working for them. I was a resident prior to getting the job. and yes, fortunately home owners insurance will cover move out expenses a lot of the time.  When we do leases we tell residents "We ask you to have renter's insurance but you can go through whoever you would like".

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