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help with diaper rash

DS has been getting terrible diaper rashes every couple of days for the last couple of weeks.  I can't figure out what is causing it.  He is on table foods and I've recently cut his fruit intake thinking maybe he was getting too much.  He doesn't get any juice and I try not to do too much tomato-based sauce.  He's also on Whole milk now which we started the past few weeks.  Not sure what else to do?

Anything else that could be causing it?  I'm beyond frustrated to see my little guy in so much pain.  We use triple paste and it clears up pretty quick, but those couple of diaper changes with him screaming in pain just break my heart.  Are there any foods that would help make his BMs more solid and/or less acidic?


Re: help with diaper rash

  • We were having the same issue and tried finding what the problem was.  I then switched diapers, even though they were the same ones that DD had for a while, and it worked.  I've heard of this same situations with others.  I don't know if there are new materials that diaper companies are using that our LOs don't like or what the deal is, but I would try switching the brand of diapers and see if that helps. :)


  • DS gets REALLY bad diaper rash whenever he's cutting teeth.  Right now he's cutting both bottom canine teeth and his molars are starting to come in.  He's had AWFUL diaper rash for the past week - it cleared up this weekend, then Monday started getting bad again.  It just won't go away for good.  I'm getting really frustrated!!!  I've tried everything! 

    What works best is in the evening after his bath I'll let him have 30 minutes to an hour of nakey time before putting pjs on.  Air is key.  Letting that area dry out really well will heal it quicker than any cream.  When I put his diaper on I put a tiny bit of anti-fungal cream (Lotrimin), then cover that with Aquaphor.  That has worked well.  During the day I gob on Butt Paste every diaper change.  

    ETA:  not incisor - canine teeth ...DUH!

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  • Okay, we'll try the nakey time tonight.  I will try anything!
  • Our pedi recommended Lotrimin (i.e. for athlete's foot). We brought the tube to the pharmacist, who also confirmed that that was the correct stuff.


    Seems weird and scary, but our daycare said that they see it frequently for bad diaper rashes (that are actually yeast infections). 

    Call your pediatrician's office and ask the phone nurse. :)

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