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Having a second c-section!?!

I am 25 weeks with my second child and want to schedule a c-section with this one. I have been getting alot of information about VBAC from my midwife but am having a hard time gettting my vocie heard about a second csection. I had to have one with my son due to being breach after they turned him. I am just frustrated that I am not getting the support for the csection as much info I am getting on VBAC.

Re: Having a second c-section!?!

  • I'm confused as to why you're working with a midwife and not an OB then?


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  • ditto the post above.  A midwife is going to encourage the VBAC.  I go to an OB practice and even the OBs within the practice (there are 5) all had different opinions about scheduled csections vs. VBAC. 

     I was willing to try a VBAC if I went into labor on my own.  They did tell me they would not give me pitocin or anything to help labor along and that if at any time I stalled they would do a csection.  With my first pregnancy I never went into labor, never had a contraction, was 8+ days overdue and induction failed to get the baby out.  My water broke so they couldn't send me home, babies heart rate started dropping so I had a csection.  Like I said I would have tried a VBAC if I had gone into labor with #2 but similar to pregnancy #1 I never had a contraction, was not dilated at all, etc.  So we went ahead with the csection.  I am now on pregnancy #3 (and final one!) and I have no option other then csection.



  • If you are sure that a c-section is right for you then you need to spend some time researching an OB that supports your decision. 

    With that said, I'm having a second c-section with this baby. I made that choice because of family necessities and the successful quick recovery I had with my son.  

  • A midwife is there to encourage the most natural non invasive delivery that she can. A c section is not really in that realm of thinking. You will need to talk to an OB if you want support for a c section. THis will be my third C section and I would suggest trying a VBAC unless there is another reason you do not want to.
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  • You should be seeing an OB not a MW if you want a repeat c/s. I'm having one because I have to.
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