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Anyone tried to Ferber at 4 months?

I don't want to start a debate bt co-sleepers and CIOs.

Just wanted insight from those who have tried ferber.

Did it work?  Do you think it's too early to try on my 4 month old? 



Re: Anyone tried to Ferber at 4 months?

  • Four months old is too young for Ferber, IMO.
  • We just did Ferber. She did excellently but it was a rough two nights. Nights three and four she went down smiling and cooing when we kissed her good night, and now she'll still smile and coo but fusses about 1-2 minutes each night. Although last night she woke up crying at 9pm and though it did not last long, it made me pretty miserable.

    It worked and we think DD was definitely ready for it. Our pediatrician recommended we do when we revealed she still needed the pacifier and swaddle to go to sleep. We could think of no other ways to quit them other than cold turkey which is why we turned to Ferber. She just could NOT sleep with her arms unbound or without the paci. Rapid extinction was not something we could handle.

    I do want to say that next time I think I'll wait until 5 months and that is only if we have problems with the pacifier at night. DD was waking up 5-7 times a night for it and her sleep was really suffering. Next time I am going to avoid the pacifier like the plague because I don't want to have to do this again. Since you cannot stop once you start, think long and hard about this before you do it.

    I mean, all signs point to it being a good decision: she sleeps without waking and is MUCH more alert during the day and now can stay up 2 hours between shorter 1 hour naps, but the emotional side of me has had a difficult time with this.

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  • We did Ferber at 4 months.  It took two nights, but was absolutely worth it. We were rocking DS for a very long time, only for him to wake up as soon as we put him down.  He is a much happier baby now that he has a good night's sleep.

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  • I am not sure . DD will not cry but no sleep also. She keeps playing almost for 1 hr or so and we can not leave her in crib unattended. She will fall asleep eventually when she is tired.  
  • We tried it at 3 months, but with a grain of salt... We went at 3, 5 and 10 min, but if he wasn't settled by 10 min I picked him up, and if that didn't work I fed him...  So far he only cried for 10 min twice (it's been a month), and he cried for 5 min less than 5 times...

     I say you try whatever you feel is right.

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