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if i do have a boy it gonna be Jayden but i dont know what the middle name should be i really like Jayden Daniel but Daniel is my fiances brothers name and i dont know how that will look? and also if its a girl i have no idea my fiance like Jaylee for Jay for his name and Lee for my middle name but i am not to sure anyone?


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  • Eh, Jayden is just one of those overused "aiden/aden/ayden" names. At this point every class is going to have at least 7 variations of this theme. As for Jaylee, again not a huge fan. I do like Daniel but you aren't sold on it since it's your FI's brothers name.
  • Unless you want to honor your FI's brother, I wouldn't use Daniel.  It will 100% come across like you picked that name on purpose BECAUSE it is his brother name's and not DESPITE it. 

    If you want to honor your FI (I think I gathered that his name is Jay), then you could use that as a middle name or pick a name that begins with the letter J.  I'm not a big fan of the Jayden/Hayden/Aiden/Brayden trend myself.  I don't think Jaylee is a very pretty name. 

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  • Ehhh... I'm going to say we have very different taste in names. I dislike all the /aden/ names and Jaylee...ick. I like the pp suggestion of using a name that starts with 'J'

    I do like the name Daniel, but that might be a bit weird.


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  • Both names are really NMS (not my style) at all. Very trendy and/or made up. What about Jason for a boy and something like Julia/Juliet for a girl? If your SO is set on honoring him or his family, I suggest you choose a name that is close and not so literal. Both names are bad. 


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  • Jayden is way to popular and trendy for my taste. Jaylee sounds too childish and I don't think will grow up well.

    Have you considered Jolie for a girl?

    For boys, if you like the "J" names I would stick with something that ages well and won't have a time stamp on it like Jayden.

  • I don't like either of your names. Jaylee is made up, and Jayden is girly and trendy.

    Please consider sentence structure in future posts. It makes them a lot easier to read.

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  • lol talk about getting my head chopped off! well i am sorry everyone i love the name Jayden its just what i like and no i dont want to honor his family i don't exactly love them lol but i do like the name Daniel it just sucks thats his brothers name i guess i will just forget about that daughters name is Olivia if that makes anything better i don't think i have completely bad taste in names i just don't like alot of names that other people like i don't like the name Jaylee very much but my fiance does i however like Khloe for a girl and Andrea (scared to hear about these names lol) but i do appreciate everyone comments. i still dont know what i am having yet hope to find out soon. thanks again everyone





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