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GD: Diet & Insulin not working! Adding Metformin at 28 weeks?


Since 8/4 I have been on insulin (after fasting #'s wouldnt budge w/ Glyburide).

 Insulin isn't touching the fasting #'s - they were as high as 120! 2 hours after meals, some #'s were 140's....

 I'm now on Humulog 3x/day and NPH 80units at night. Nurse told me yesterday they may need to add Metformin to me since I am not responding. She thinks I have underlying PCOS (fun to find that out after my first daughter was born, and during this pregnancy. Odd). 

As of today's growth scan, baby is measuring almost 30 weeks, and I am only 28...

 Pretty freaked out. Only gained 1 lb this pregnancy. Scared of the Metformin. Anyone else on Metformin, too?

Thanks. :-l 

Re: GD: Diet & Insulin not working! Adding Metformin at 28 weeks?

  • I have been on metformin my entire pregnancy, even before I was diagnosed with GD.   I am hoping that I can control my GD with diet and metformin.  My advice to you is to work up to the prescribed dose rather than starting at it. I was prescribed 1500 mg. So take 500mg in am for a week and then add 500 at lunch for a week and then the dose at dinner.  trust me, your body will thank you! As for only gaining a pound, I would not worry.  I only gained about a pound and my midwife is very happy with this. She said that 10 lbs is all that is needed and that so many people gain too much weight!  Hope the metformin helps!
  • Metformin is generally regarded as safe during pregnancy, although it's not as well-studied or used as often as insulin and thus some OB/Gyns stay away from it while others are using it all the time.

    Have you tried exercise?  (with your doctor's guidance, of course)  Exercise can truly do wonders to keep a person's insulin needs down and it's being used to help prevent GD in high risk women. It might be something that helps you keep your numbers down and avoid metformin altogether, or maybe delay it.

    Oh, and while I'm not pregnant, I'm on metformin.  I'm debating whether or not to continue taking it while pregnant.  I'm currently thinking about continuing it until I get a pos. pregnancy test, then I'll go off of it unless my OB/Gyn thinks differently.  However, I'm taking metformin more for PCOS and not at all for blood sugar control (I use insulin for that) so I'm in a slightly different situation.

  • I was on actos plus metformin prior to pregnancy and hated it.  I am on insulin and like it.  I am not a fan of it, the side effects were horrible. 
  • THANK YOU for your reply! I was getting nervous thinking I was the only one!

    I was having a hard time with researching this yesterday. I didn't like the idea that the M crossed the placenta and could lead to hypoglycemia in the baby. I have no issue taking meds when I know they don't cross (i.e. Lovenox & Insulin), but this seemed different. It's reassuring to know you are also taking it. Every week seems like a new chapter in GD!


    Thanks again! 


  • Thanks for the info! I must say, my exercise comes in the format of running after my almost 2 year old these days. The heat has made it difficult to get out and walk for any reasonable amount of time - so plan on making that more of a habit in the coming weeks (hopefully we cool off!)



  • I just got on Metformin at 30 wks for GD. I hate it and it makes me sick! I was doing great on my blood sugars except my fasting one was a little high (95-98). I have stopped taking it and will continue to push through with diet and exercise. I would rather be on insulin than this stuff which some docs won't even use! 
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