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Anyone else DH starting a new job and due any day?

DH just finished a masters program to become a teacher and is starting his first teaching job today . . .and I'm due next Friday.  He is teaching an hour away and I'm feeling so nervous about how this is all going to work when I go into labor!!  Anyone else not have perfect timing with their due date?  Yipes!

Re: Anyone else DH starting a new job and due any day?

  • That will be me in December! DH is getting a promotion (YAY!) and he'll start his new job in about a month or so. He'll still be the "new kid on the block" when I'm due and it will be really hard for him to get any time off.


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  • I am in a similar situation.  Not due any day, but DH is a police officer and is waiting to get transferred to the K-9 unit.  There is a requirement of 480 training hours and we have no clue when it will start.  They could tell him on a Friday, hey, you start training on Monday.  He has been waiting for a year to get on this unit, so I will be so excited for him if/when he gets it.  On the other hand, we have no idea how this will affect his leave.  He was planning on taking two weeks after the baby is born, but if he is in training, he may not be able to take more than a few days.
  • I am due in less than 5 weeks and we are waiting to hear about a job that my DH is waiting to hear this week if he is getting a new job or not.
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  • I fit in this category my SO started a new job with the city and is only off on weekends. He cant take off for 6 months. We are 1 1/2 hours away from the hospital if traffic is good I hope i have baby on weekend
  • My DH is a photojournalist and is scheduled to leave for India this weekend for a week and a half.  Not TOO big a deal as I'm not due until mid-October.  But, he just found out he may be going to Kuwait soon after he returns from India.  We were holding off on our baby shower until after he returned from India (not to mention we live in the Middle East and most of our friends leave the country during Ramadan because everything shuts down during the day).  So now he may not make it to our baby shower AND he'll be cutting it very close to our EDD.

    This is our second and I just have a hunch that this one will be coming a bit early. (Hope I'm wrong!)  DS was born exactly on his due date, I've been getting noticeable BH contractions since 18 weeks, baby's measuring a couple weeks ahead, and has been head-down since about 20 weeks.

    I'm not at all upset with DH.  He's offered to stay home but we have a house in the States possibly facing foreclosure and could REALLY REALLY use the money.  It's tough though.  How do you put a price on something like this?

    We have no family here and very few close friends that all have lives and jobs of their own.  I know that I can birth this baby without a coach but I really don't want to.  On top of that, our son will be back in school when LO is due and I don't want to even think about the logistical nightmare of getting him to and from school during labor and after delivery.

    Anyway, just crossing my fingers it all works out and thanks for the vent. 

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