3rd Trimester

Hip pain, cramping, pelvic pressure :(

I am so far beyond uncomfortable I dont know what to do with myself!

When I went to the dr's last week I was 2cm dialated- and since then have lost way more of my mucus plug and had a ton of braxton hicks... on Saturday morning I thought for sure I was going to end up in L&D- but the contractions stopped.

I kept busy all weekend hoping it would get things moving- but nada!

Last night I got NO sleep- my hips hurt SOO bad, i am having crazy pressure and stabbing pains between my legs, along with some really uncomfortable cramping... I really hope this is things moving along!

My Dr said she would be surprised to see me still pregnant this week... but at this rate I will see her at my appt tomorrow!

Does this sound like it could be the start or some real action? or is that just wishful thinking?

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Re: Hip pain, cramping, pelvic pressure :(

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