2nd Trimester

DH is simply amazing!

I was getting ready to do some errands with my husband yesterday and was getting really upset with clothes. Everything is tight - my old shirts don't look cute anymore, and it's not obvious I'm pregnant, I just look chubby! I keep hoping in another month those shirts will look cute again because I'll look the part (but I'll probably freak out then, too). ANYWAYS, I was upset, and my husband was trying to figure out what I wanted to hear. He always tells me, "You're pregnant, you're supposed to gain weight." I love being pregnant, but the gaining is hard to accept sometimes. Yesterday he said, "I'm going to introduce you to everyone we see today, 'this is my wife, and she's pregnant!'" He would have done it, but I just thought it was hilarious (had to be there?). He's so proud of being a dad (this is our first) and he always figures out how to diffuse my dumb frustrations. I love him so much!
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