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My LOs eyes were matted shut this morning

and her nosey is extremely runny and coughing up a storm.  We took her to the pedi two weeks ago because she was getting a very stuffy nose and not feeling well.  It was just a cold.  So I'm trying to figure out if I should take her to the pedi today or just see if it's just allergies.  Her eyes look so horrible.  LIke she feels sickly.  DH says his eyes get matted shut all the time but I've never seen it.  At first I thought she wiped her nose on me and then put her eyes in it.  I just thought it was snot but there was none on me and it was all in both eyes.  Ugh!  I stress about her all the time.  I don't want her to be sick.  She seems to never be able to get completelly well before she gets something again.  I BFed but she has to go to daycare. 

Re: My LOs eyes were matted shut this morning

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