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Sorry if this is a dumb question

Is FET (frozen embryo transer) done as IVF? Also is PGD done only with IVF Or is it done with IUI? Is anything done to with the sperm with IUI or only IVF?

Anyone have a clue what I am asking. I am not finding my answers online



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bfp 1/13/2010 miscarriage 1/26/2010

BFP 5/4/2010 missed miscarriage d&c 6/9/2010

IUI#1 10/11/2010 BFN

IUI#2 12/6/2010 BFN

IUI#3 1/10/11 BFN

Break for a month and then aggressive IUI

2/22/2011 beginning of IUI 4

iui 4 cancelled 2/28 due to ovulation on my own (so we actually had to have sex!)now lets wait and see on 3/14, wish me luck!! 3/13 BFN

waiting for bloodwork results and such and have cysts March 2011

FSH high at 10.9 and low AMH is result of bloodwork

IUI 4 (again) 4/27/11, please work! 5/13/2011 BFN!!!

IVF cycle in July 2011 turned into IUI on 7/19- wish us luck

8/1 HPT negative- trying to figure out what is next if anything

10/18/11 on to IVF attempt 1.5 see if we can get to ER

2/2012 on to IVF attempt 2? so far progressing well

2/25/12 ER and 11retreived, 2embryos, they did not grow, my eggs are no good, finally closure on this chapter

Transferred one 1 via IVF on 10/21 and BFP on 10/30

miscarriage at 6weeks Nov 19 2012

Re: Sorry if this is a dumb question

  • FET is done with IVF. i'm not sure about PGD since we never looked into that. I'm almost positive nothing specialized is done to the sperm with IUI. I know they take the sperm, spin it, etc. and then inject it up there in the hopes one or more will connect on their own with the follicles that have been produced.

     With IVF, they actually mix the sperm with the egg and then insert the embryo(s) directly into the uterus, bypassing the fallopian tubes (IUI doesn't bypass the tubes. IVF you can also do ICSI, which is when they look for the best sperm and then individually insert the best ones into the eggs. This is usually done when there are male fertility issues involved (we did ICSI with both our IVFs). hope this helps. 

  • Sorry to piggy back on your post. What is PGD? Thats a new acronym for me. Thanks!

  • I can explain PGD--pre-genetic diagnosis.

    The embryologist can take 1 cell out of the embry on cd 3 and check the chromosomes. 
    This is used to determine viability especially if there is a history of loss.

    In our case we weren't sure we could have a healthy LO.

    I hope that is helpful.

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