1st Trimester

Does anyone not feel pretty anymore?

Before I was preggos, I would make a conscious effort to put some make up on and wash and flat iron my hair. I have an obsession with shoes, so I would have different shoes and different colored shoes with each outfit.

 Ummm...now....ugh. Since I am bloated and probably gained weight a lot from the not-so-healthy foods I ate last week and a half...I feel like Shamu's younger sister. If I am not too tired, I put on some makeup so that I don't look tired and to cover up a zit. My hair....after it's washed..i just stick it in a pony tail while it's still wet. My nice fitting dresses don't fit and if I try to wear something fitting by opening up the button of a denim skirt...you can totally see my big bloated belly. 

I know when I am showing I will be proud to show it, but right now..it's so embarrassing because that belly is all me.


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Re: Does anyone not feel pretty anymore?

  • Double Post.  Sorry, won't let me delete.
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    Before I was preggos, I would make a conscious effort to put some make up on and wash and flat iron my hair.

    Watch out... you will probably only get one type of response to this question and that is the people who flip and go nuts when people that say Preggo, Preggers, Pregs, etc...


    Though I have to say "before I was preggos" is kind of weird... Why not just say "before I was pregnant" ?

  • You'll feel better when you get a little further along.  The first trimester is so gross, and then you get to the 2nd and you feel better, and then you get a cute bump and you look better too  :)
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  • I am just feeling a bit fat. I was lucky to feel pretty good all along, so I did my hair and makeup in the morning like usual. But I felt frumpy in my old clothes (and they were old, bc I was refusing to buy anything new for the past year bc I wanted to get fit or get pg first). This week I went out and bought a bunch of cute maternity work clothes and am feeling a lot better about myself. Maybe you need a shopping spree!


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  • ooh..shopping spree would lift my spirits up! Thanks for the response.


    And about the nitpicking about me using the word "preggos". Really people? Come on...really must we nitpick?who cares.

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  • I don't particularly care what you call it... saying knocked up... sperminated... I don't care. 

    But there are some really picky women on here.  Hence my "fun with tickers" just to annoy them.  :-)

  • You just totally described how I feel! I am going to lunch with a friend in 15 mintues, and dread the thought of even trying to look quasi-cute when I am feeling like Quasimoto. I did feel great when I put in some effort and did my hair for a family function last week, and it was quite the pick-me-up. But... that kind of energy is nowhere to be found today or the last several days.

    And, for the record, I have no problem with anyone who is pregnant calling it whatever they want.


  • I don't really like the term knocked up lol I don't mind other terms like prego or preggers etc.


    I feel icky too, I am breaking out and I never break out! I'm bloated too and I just got my hair cut off 12" before finding out I was pregnant and I have a hard time styling it the way it was done at the salon.

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  • I'm not feeling my best.  Between puking pretty regularly, sweating more than usual, breaking out like a teenager, and feeling horribly bloated, I just want to hide from the world.  I feel like if any of my friends saw me right now they wouldn't recognize me.  :(
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  • skioskio
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    For serious. I feel disgusting most of the time. I mean...I still shower/wear makeup/do something decent with my hair every day, but definitely not putting in the effort I used to. Because I can't. I 'm so sick and so exhausted all the time...I spend every second that I can in bed, trying to feel better.

    I'm also ridiculously bloated and wearing looser tops to hide it, so feel frumpy. I really hope this all ebbs away soon...

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  • I'm about 6.5 wks at this point.  I'm feeling fat but otherwise I'm okay with how I look.  We have a lot of family and friends we haven't seen in a while coming in this weekend and next and I'm just hoping I don't look too bloated to them.  I've tried to stay away from tight shirts and instead focus on the pretty flowy ones.
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  • I was told by a few people that we always feel fatter than people see us to be. We could be the only ones who know we're pregnant and it feels like everyone knows we are!
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  • image MrsTotty:
    You'll feel better when you get a little further along.  The first trimester is so gross, and then you get to the 2nd and you feel better, and then you get a cute bump and you look better too  :)

     Thanks for this...looking forward to this part :-) 

     Although I still fit into my clothes so far (well, the ones I've actually tried on), I sure don't feel too good in them.  Grrr...bloat and feeling nasty!  I'd like to go shopping for some clothes I feel "cute" in for work, but we are trying to save up money.  Ah, what to do??? 


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  • I haven't gotten to this point yet but with DD I remember feeling horrible about myself until strangers started talking to me like they knew I was pregnant. Then I was fine with my little belly..before that I just felt like I looked like I had a beer gut. Lately, I have been trying to stay home as much as possible because I am so tired and don't feel like doing my hair/make up but even since having DD, I always wear make up when I go out, I just have to (unless its down the street 5 mins to go pick up milk or something). You will feel much better once you start to show, and honestly, you notice the bloat more than anyone else.

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  • I know how you feel - I feel fat, bloated, gross, etc. I'm convinced that I look like Shrek's wife right now. I keep reminding myself that I went through this in the first tri with DS. Getting up in the morning, feeling sick, then having to do my hair and put on makeup are such chores right now. I was kneeling on the bathroom floor drying my hair the other day because it was the only comfortable position for me where I didn't feel sick. I keep telling myself to "power through" these next few weeks and I'll feel better soon!
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  • Wow. Thank you so much for all of your replies. It is relieving to know that you're not alone.

    After 5 months, my name is finally changed to my husbands (grrr...soc sec office) and I looked online and notice that I will need to take a new pic if I am to receive a new driver's license.  I think I will probably put it off until after the baby bloat is gone..which could be sometime after the baby is born. 

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  • *Raises hand*

    I've been so sick.  I've actually gone to work without brushing my hair and wearing my pjs.  I hardly have the energy to shower, putting on makeup is completely out of the question.  And my baby bloat just makes me look fat.  I've never been one to spend a lot of time getting ready, but now I spend zero time. 

    I'm not complaining, I'm loving every ugly, vomit ridden moment, but yeah, I look like complete ***. 

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  • Same here! I've haven't had no actual MS, but I have no energy to do anything! PLus with my face looking like a pepperoni pizza I probably should attempt make up but that takes too much energy, then on top of it I'm already showing! With both of my boys I didn't show until 4/5 months! Makes me want to cryCrying...ugggh is second tri here yet!?!
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  • image Emjay221:

    But there are some really picky women on here.  Hence my "fun with tickers" just to annoy them.  :-)


    If women are really going to make a stink about another woman using the words preggo, preggers or whatever else, they really should not be on message boards.  This is supposed to be a place to find acceptance and guidence, not a place for people to be made fun of or be mean to because of terminology. 

  • I feel fat, my skin is super dry and flakey, I have gas and I have a rash. Gross doesn't begin to describe it for me. So I completely understand. Hang in there...it will get better! I hope!! Tongue Tied
  • I used to always say, when i get pregnant im still going to try to look nice, care about my hair and junk. Well.....that was then and this is now and I feel like total dirt, makeup...what's that? I think I forgot how to apply it. And my hair......one pony tail coming right up. I can't wait to feel good again.
  • I was lucky enough not to feel sick, but I was SO tired all the time. So I felt like I was constantly looking bleh. The good news is the second trimester, and even the beginning of the third, will be a lot less taxing on your body.

    Shopping in small amounts is a nice way to get things that fit & make you feel better than squeezing into old clothes. I would avoid a huge spree because the clothes will go to waste after a month or two.

    After a while, I cared less about what I looked like & more about what was comfortable to me & what didn't itch or annoy me. Here at the end, I have 3 pairs of shorts that still fit (kinda) and my husband's t-shirts. For the last 6 weeks I've been stubborn about it. I'm not spending money on new clothes that I'll never wear again after LO is born.

    I did start wearing makeup again a few weeks ago. When I have time to do it and fix my hair I go through my day a little happier about myself. It's all about what makes you feel good.

    I'm ready to climb the walls, too, buddy.

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    image loanbpham:

    Before I was preggos, I would make a conscious effort to put some make up on and wash and flat iron my hair.

    Watch out... you will probably only get one type of response to this question and that is the people who flip and go nuts when people that say Preggo, Preggers, Pregs, etc...


    Though I have to say "before I was preggos" is kind of weird... Why not just say "before I was pregnant" ?


    Because it's the internet and people use all sorts of abbreviations and words that are more "fun."  People are so snarky on these boards. Haven't people heard if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all?

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  • It's amazing just how quick you can gain weight while pregnant try not to beat yourself up about it being pregnant is a wonderful thing. I started showing at around 4 weeks so the bloated tummy you have is just your uterus expanding to accomodate that growing baby never mind the fluid filled sack that the baby is living in at the moment.

    I know what you mean when you say you are too tired to do your make up and hair I think we are all like this when we are expecting as it does take alot out of your body expecially the first couple of months and then the last couple of months that tiredness will fade around 15 weeks but will return when you are around 26 onwards the joys eh lol!!.

    My skin has changed so much since falling pregnant I have the dreaded pregnancy mask dark patches on my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and no makeup will ever cover that up people have asked me if I have rubbed my foundation in properly it is horrible never mind the dry patches and the spots. Honestly gaining a little weight is really no deal you are pregnant and gaining weight is healthy for you and the baby.

    Just try and eat as healthy as you can having a treat or two is no big deal we have an excuse we are eating for two. One of my cravings is chocolate have to have it everyday. So don't feel bad just think of the baby growing inside you they are worth that little extra weight and spots it will pass and you will loose the baby weight when the baby is born. I cry about the way my body has changed and my confidence has dropped but I try to think of the baby and not beat myself up too much.

    I hope this helped congrats on the baby and take care X

  • Thank you for posting this... I feel so awful about myself right now! I just got married and we got pregnant right away--I feel sorry for my husband watching me look like a chubby, pimply, tired person! Does it really get better?????
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Im like katkat74. I just got married in June. I thought it would take a while to get pregnant because I am 34. Well, it was right away and I have to say this experience is shocking. I feel so unattractive and exhausted. When I read your post I started crying (well, Im really emotional, too). But I felt like I wasnt alone. I felt like I wasnt such an anomaly anymore. I was feeling like if I cant handle this how can I handle motherhood. I mean...if I am exhausted now! And feeling unattractive......arent I suppose to glow?

    I cant thank you enough for bringing this up.

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  • Before I got pregnant, I didn't care too much about my clothes (trying to lose weight so I didn't want to buy new clothes until I got skinnier), didn't get my hair cut (I was growing it out), and I didn't wear makeup other than blush and eyebrow powder. But since I've gotten pregnant, I feel pretty gross if I don't put any effort into how I look. And it doesn't help that my bump hasn't shown up and instead I just look 10 lbs heavier. Here is what I did to feel pretty:

    1) Went on gap.com and bought some cute maternity clothes ON SALE! I'm not a fan of the pants at Motherhood Maternity. The gap pants fit perfectly and were cheaper than Motherhood. 

    2) Bought some makeup from Mally Beauty on QVC.com. Watch her videos on youtube and qvc! She's Beyonce's and J-Lo's makeup artist!

    3) Got my hair done today. 

    I also walk around the block a couple times with my dogs. Walking outside makes me feel better. That's probably the only thing that I've done that doesn't cost money. Sad because I don't have any. :( 

  • I hear ya. Bloated doesn't begin to describe it...

    It's good to find out that things change a bit in the second trimester, because right now I look like I went on an eating binge this summer and am in major denial of no longer being a sze 4 (still blindly squeezing into my old clothes). Me in skinny jeans? More like pig in a blanket.

    And as for nit-picking word choice--we are all taking to this new identity of "pregnant woman" differently.  Some fof us feel as if we are fufilled to new heights, and some of us are scared shitless.  Can we drop the criticism and just be supportive of one another? I f not now ladies, when?

  • YES! That is exactly how I feel too. Nothing fits right and its depressing every morning. I am getting ready to go to Mexico so my hubby and I went shopping for some new clothes since I don't fit in any of my shorts anymore.

    Everytime I came out of the dressing room I was in tears. I am in between the stage where maternity clothes just look stupid and regular clothes make me look fat. Oh and to make it worse ... try swimsuit shopping while prego. 

    After that fun experience I think i might just get myself a HUGE expensive bag to hide behind. Shopping just isn't fun anymore :(

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