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HI all!  New here.  Still figuring things out.  I posted on the May board.  I think I was supposed to go here?  I am ttc, but hoping for May!  Oh well, I will figure it out.  I have the app for my ipod but it is very different!  More options here i suppose.  I have been ttc for over a year now, just started bbt, charting, all that goodness a few months ago and will be seeing a dr. next friday if I don't get that BFP.  Any advice for the first fertility visit?  Kinda nervous.  Don't really know what they will do..  fx for everyone all around! 

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  • Sorry I can't tell you anything about a fertility visit but I just wanted to say hi and welcome! 

    You said you started charting, do you use fertility friend? If not you should check it out, there are links in most of our siggys that will take you there.

    If you are TTC this is the place to be, the specific month boards are usually for ladies who have already gotten their BFP and have a due date.  

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  • Hello Darske! Welcome! I'm still trying to figure things out myself...only been posting for a few weeks now. Good Luck at the doctor. Are you going to a RE? I would definitely ask questions questions questions! We are blessed with a very informative RE who gave us an outline of various options...what we would start with and what other options would come into the picture if one didn't work. He was very task oriented and organized. It helped my husband and I a lot to see it on paper and to know what options were out there. I went into my first RE appointment a bit overwhelmed too because we had just been trying with the help of our OBGYN. I would take notes for anything that you think you might forget. Good luck on your visit! Hope things go well!
  • I will check out the fertility friend.  It sounds good, saw there was a class and everything for it. 

    Yeah, I realized that the board was for the BFP's after I posted and started reading more.  I saw one person on there talk about test taking and just assumed.. and I guess I just made and ass out of me! lol.  anyway, thanks for the welcome and info! 

  • Hi sosopenny!  You know, I have no idea who I am seeing!  my DH is in the Military and we are currently living in Korea and the base Dr. just sent me to a referall. My husband has been doing all the paperwork.  The scarier part of this is that it is a Korean hospital I am going to, so who knows what will happen!  I can only hope it is a fantastic hospital because I have never really been to a civilian hospital.  I am also a military brat. Got married as soon as I was 18 and now am 26.  We held off the babies because we liked to party - and I was young ;), and now we are too ready! lol, i guess that's how it goes..  Thanks for the tips!  I probably wouldn't have thought to bring pen and paper!  Hmmm, I should probably put that in the purse now so I don't forget..  I will be so mad if I do! (I'm a lot like a goldfish, but a little smarter hopefully;) Hoping my dr or whoever I see is as great as yours!
  • I understanding being like a least in the memory arena. lol. That's why i know to take notes! Good Luck and hope it is a fantastic hospital and doctor!
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