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Ha! I'm making a new thread for my FFFC!

I hate write-offs. They irritate me. It's probably because I'll never get one, because me and DH and too financially responsible (that and nothing crappy has ever happened to us - but we also have a plan to cover us in that case, so I don't think we'd get a write off anyway.)

I know a couple people who are about to get over 100,000 that they owe just written off, and as much as I love them as friends - it really irritates me. Me and DH have great credit, make our payments on time - and we don't get crap. I'd really just like for someone to say "Hey - you've made all your payments plus some on time for the past ten years. We've decided that we'll just give you your house free and clear now. Congrats!"

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Re: Ha! I'm making a new thread for my FFFC!

  • yeah, there is no reward for being good, other than your credit score!
  • I love this confession! DH and I get so frustrated when we eternally see other people catching breaks that we'll never get. We have friends that filed for bankruptcy recently for all of their credit card debt.  They got a credit card offer in the mail about 3 months later and started charging back up again.  Guess they didn't learn anything, eh?
  • That is your strength, though.  And good for you!  Those others who are not good at handling money... imagine how much more difficult and stressful life must be for them.  I am very grateful that I have such good "money sense" and that DH lets me handle all the financials.  I can understand, though, how some people just aren't good at stuff like that.  I cannot imagine having over $100,000 of debt!!! 

    Obviously I don't know all the details, though.

    I suppose if they bought a house they couldn't afford and clothes they couldn't afford and knew it but just did it anyway and now they're getting that debt forgiven... it would make me wonder if they even learned their lesson.  And that would irk me.  But I think a lot of people don't really understand how they get in debt and how to avoid it and I feel sorry for them and annoyed that there isn't more education in high school about how to manage money and how to be a savvy consumer.

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