1st Trimester

new symptom at night

its a slight discomfort in my lower belly.  I would say indigestion, but isn't that in the upper belly?  I don't know, it happened the last 2 nights.  last night was indigestion, i tried drinking my cure of apple cider water and ended up puking it up without warning in the bathroom all over the wall, opps, but it's not my upper stomach tonight, kinda feels like a pulling sensation.  Anyone know what that is?
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Re: new symptom at night

  • I am having pain in my lower area--more so near the bikini line. My nurse practitioner says it could be ligament stretching. This is my first so my body is adjusting. Is this your first? I hope everything is okay!
  • I have a similar feeling sometimes when I try to sleep on my side. Just feels like something's pulling. I, too, attributed it to this being my first child and my ligaments and muscles are being stretched in a way they've never been stretched before! I haven't had any vomiting with it, and it's a pretty mild sensation. For me I'd say it's just muscle-pull. Hopefully it's the same for you.

    Fell better!

    PS: Apple cider sounds SOOOOOO good right now! I can't WAIT to go to the pumpkin farm this year!

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