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wouldn't you know it...

just under 2 months before my wedding, those two little lines that indicate "yep, ya done did it!" have totally rocked my world. didnt think I could be any happier right now-but at this point my cheeks hurt! i can't wipe this silly grin off my face! im only 5 weeks in so my concern at this point is (heaven forbid) losing my little appleseed. but the burning question at this point is how am i going to cover for when im not drinking at my wedding???

Re: wouldn't you know it...

  • congrats! And many brides dont drink at their wedding so i wouldnt worry about it too much! Lets just hope your dress still fits on top of the bloat :) haha
  • First off- Congrats!!!

    Well you could just tell people you don't want to be that drunk bride Wink or tell them you stopped drinking to lose weight...or that you have a few too many between the ceremony/reception...

    That's all I've got! LOL Or just announce that you are expecting at the wedding 

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  • Congratulations!  I didn't drink very much at my wedding because I was so busy talking to everyone and handing out hugs.  I suggest carrying a glass of wine, and just don't drink from it.  No one will notice, since the bride has to set her glass down so many times.
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  • Congrats!  I got pregnant when I was engaged too and got married during my pregnancy.

    I wouldn't worry about the drinking thing.  There will be so much excitement going on, I don't think people will be tracking what you drink.  You can always hold a glass and pretend to sip it or something.  Or depending on how far along you are, whether you've had an ultrasound yet, etc, you may be ready to tell people by then anyway.


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  • EcyEcy
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    Congratulations!!! I bet your fiance is excited.  If you want to tell people at the wedding, I think it's fine but if you want to keep it a secret...I don't think they will even notice what you have in your cup.  No worries girl Smile  Everything will be fantastic!


  • Just echoing what the others girls said! Lots of brides don't drink, but if you think people will really notice, just go ahead and have a glass of wine sitting at your table, carry one around, etc. Or you can have a club soda and people will assume you're drinking a vodka/tonic.
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  • thanks for all the advice ladies! i am SO excited and it's nice to see i'm not the only one getting excited this early! one thing is for sure i have something to look forward to after the honeymoon-breaking the news to everyone! especially my dad...i'm the youngest of his five daughters n the only one with no kids so he'll be positively floored :-D
  • Congrats to you too, I see we're just about on the same timeline!! -BIGHUG-the hubby nixxed the idea of announcing at the wedding but I might try n talk him into it :-D
  • When I used to work as a wedding planner I was OFTEN sneaking in a bottle of sparkling grape juice and instructing one of the waiters that it was for the bride.

    There are plenty of great non-alcoholic substitutes that look like the really thing when carried around in the right glass- just make sure you let your waitstaff know. They're usually more than willing to co-operate and very good about keeping it a secret.

    Congrats- make sure that you stay hydrated the day of so that you aren't a fainting bride.

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  • Congratulations!  If people ask why you aren't drinking you could say that you wanted to be clear headed and remember every single moment!

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  • My friend and cousin conspired and spread a rumor that I was pregnant at my wedding because I wasn't drinking... I wasn't pregnant. I sincerely was just so swept away with everything that I didn't really feel like it.

    Here's an idea - if you are having your ceremony at a place that has servers, tell the manager that you would like to drink cranberry, seltzer and lime only, and to keep 'em coming so no one offers to get you a drink. It looks like a vodka and  cranberry, and no one would ever know. They'll have your back - especially when they know their tips rely on making you happy.

     Congrats on everything!!!

  • I think I had one whole glass of wine at my wedding? No time! Congrats and GL!!
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