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Please HELP

I am new to this board as well as new at this whole baby thing. DH and I are trying to concieve our first child. We started trying last week Thursday I know it is early on and I am overdue for my period and tested yesterday and this morning and the pregnancy test did not come back as being pregnant but no period. Are these test sometimes wrong or am I just testing to early.

 Sorry if any of this is TMI, however I need help understanding this all and have no one to ask. I want to keep it a secret from my family so it is a surprise. I do have an older sister but especially now more than ever I don;t want to ask her just because I think she susspects that we are trying being that I bought a few things and now she tells me she might be pregnant with her second. She was never having anymore children but she is the type of person whom always has to be center of attention. Ans because DH and I are trying now she wants another.

 Thanks for anyhelp anyone might be able to give me. I appreciate it.

Re: Please HELP

  • as long as you followed the directions properly the tests are rarely wrong. that being said, you probably tested too early. I'd wait a few days or a week and test again. make sure you take the test the first time you pee that morning and dont drink a lot of water before hand. it can dilute the results. good luck!
  • There is a 2 week wait between your O and your AF so I think you may just need to test again in a weeks time if your AF does not come. 

    My RE uses HPT's routinely b.c they are extremely accurate and not wrong very often.


  • I agree you might be testing too early. I tested 5 days before AF was due and got a negative (the box says it can tell you, but if you look at the pamphlet the accuracy rates per days before period is due are charted, only about 50% at 5 days before) then 3 days before, also a negative. (Yep, I really wanted to know haha) 1 day before AF was due I got my BFP. So it may be negative now, but may change closer to
  • My friend (who just gave birth to twins a month ago) did five HPTs, which all came back negative. She was obviously positive, and doubly so! I am not sure which brand she was using, or if she was even doing it correctly, but that might make the difference. My BFP was delivered on a stick that comes in a bright pink box, the kind that is supposed to detect pregnancy the earliest. If you still don't have your period in a few days, switch brands and try again. When I was TTC all of a sudden didn't have my period for two months. Same thing happened to another friend but for even longer. Not a very nice joke for the body to play on the mind, but these things can happen when you are trying TOO hard. Relax and take it one "practice session" at a time! 
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