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GD ladies - help me with breakfast

My numbers after lunch and dinner are usually fine, but after breakfast it's a different story.  I am cutting out fruit completely at breakfast and that seems to help, but I am sick of what I am eating - lots of eggs.  Before GD, my breakfasts were usually oatmeal and fruit, yogurt and fruit, healthy ceral and fruit.  All of those spike my levels like crazy. 

 What all of your ladies eating for breakfast?  Any creative ways of preparing eggs? 


Re: GD ladies - help me with breakfast

  • Hate to break it to ya but eggs have been my best friend the past few months....after this pregnancy I never want to eat eggs again.... but I also will have whole wheat toast with peanut butter, turkey sausage eggs and half of an english muffin...whole grain waffles w/peanut butter, or sometimes a little sugar free syrup.... I cant eat fruit at all at breakfast bc it def spikes my BS....good luck
  • I know, I miss my granola and yogurt desperately! I scramble eggs, or egg beaters with mushrooms, green onions, peppers or whatever other veggie I have and add extra sharp cheddar cheese. Sometimes some marjoram or fresh herbs goes in too. Sometimes I will put it all in a whole wheat tortilla with salsa and other times I just have some toast. If I am feeling particularly bored I will make a breakfast sandwich with some turkey sausage, ham or veggie "sausage" and tomatoes.

    Good luck, and remember it's only temporary. I am planning on having yogurt with granola and fruit in the hospital after baby comes! 

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  • One piece of french toast. I add some protein powder in with the egg. I use a small amount of sugar free syrup and eat with bacon.  This has been my weekend treat, when I get tired of eggs.
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  • I have a bowl of rice krispies with milk and a side of either sausage or bacon.  Sometimes I have oatmeal instead of the cereal and a glass of milk.  Have you tried plain oatmeal without any fruit?  You can sweeten it with splenda.
  • I was told no fruit for breakfast...which sucks.  This pregnancy, I've really only been eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast. Since I usually don't have that much time to fix anything, that's my go to and my numbers have been great.  Other cereals, not so much.  But with my first pregnancy with GD, I made breakfast sandwiches all the time. Now that Thomas's has the thin bagel, that's good for all kinds of sandwiches!  Things change as you go. What worked for weeks, might not work at some point. Just keep changing it up and trying new things.  Big Smile
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  • I have been able to get away with Special K and Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds cereals. It seems to come down to making sure there is plenty of protein in the cereal and restricting the milk a little bit to balance out the carbs.
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  • If I don't have time, its 2 pc toast and pb

    If I do I saute zucchini, tomato and canadian ham in EVOO with an egg with a slice of american melted over it on a deli sandwhich thin (I love this but I am so sick of it I am on the pb toast)!

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  • I can't stand eggs in the morning anymore. I read somewhere that milk with cereal actually spikes sugars for some. I wish I remember where so I could post it. :(

    Honey nut cheerio's or frosted flakes, half a bagel with cream cheese or margarine (no carbs!), or if I need something quick I get the low sugar Carnation Instant Breakfast and either a Nutri Grain or Special K cereal bar. All of which are pretty easy on carbs.


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