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My H and I live in a one bedroom appartment. Do we still need to get a bassinet if I'm going to breastfeed? We're going to have the crib in the dinning room, which is less than 10 steps from the bed.

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  • I would, but thats just my preference.  We will get a co-sleeper (Arms Reach) so that the baby and I can be next to each other a night.

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  • I say get a pack n play with the bassinet attachment. You'll probably need a PNP eventually anyway. Otherwise, if you don't mind getting out of bed I'd say stick with the crib if its that close.
  • It's really a personal choice, if you don't mind getting up and walking to the crib every 1-2 hrs at night just stick with the crib. The first few weeks are absolutely exhausting and it feels like you never stop breastfeeding. I had a PNP with a bassinet for #1, this time I am getting an arms reach co sleepers so I don't even have to get out of bed.
  • I wouldn't.  I get up to sit in a chair to breastfeed anyway.  I don't like co sleepers or feeding in bed.  Our first born got used to that and we had the hardest time getting him out of our bed.  With the second born, I had a nursery right across the hall from our room, so she started from the time we got home in the crip.  probably will do the same again.
  • I was going to just start the baby sleeping out in her crib, but after seeing the hard time my sister had BFing her twins, I'm definitely borrowing her bassinet! 
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