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Screwing the changing pad into the table?

So it came with a screw to attach the pad to the table, but the pad sits inside the table with a good few inches of lip holding it all in.  Do I really need to drag out the drill and screw that in or is it just fine inside the changing table?


Lip is like think (not mine, just a quick google) http://www.cymaxstores.com/Common/Product/CatProduct.aspx?ID=225622&Src=CI&SrcID=3822809&ci_src=64119933&ci_sku=225622&src=GAN 

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Re: Screwing the changing pad into the table?

  • I put mine on top of a dresser, with no screws and no "lip" that it sat in.   It works perfectly fine.  Since you never leave the baby unattended on the table, it is highly unlikely it is going to fly off with the baby on it.
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  • Thanks, I figured as much but wasn't sure if babies have some major thrashing strength I didn't know about... the screw thing just seemed weird and unnecessary.  If your kid survived, I'm confident mine will too ;-)
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  • we screwed ours on...not for safety...but just for ease of not having to worry about it sliding around too much.  if mine had a lip, i definitely wouldn't have bothered!
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    we're not w/ the lip.

    Hell, the cat has TRIED to get the thing off and can't so...I'm not worried.  (If baby can get it off when she's bigger, we'll deal w/ that then.)

  • We also screwed ours in just so it wasn't sliding around.  It still moves, so I wouldn't strap baby in and leave him there (I wouldn't do this anyway)....but I feel better with it being attached...so it is!
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  • ours doesn't have a lip, so what we did was buy the traction liners for the kitchen and put it under the changing pad.  It worked with DD1 so we are just doing the same this time around as well.

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