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I am new here...after 10 months and two miscarriages, we went to the RE at the beginning of the month and this is the protocol he put me on.  I'm interested in seeing if anyone else has done this?  Any side effects from the Ovidrel?  They did an u/s last Friday and I have 9 follicles, one that was 19mm and one that was 24mm...the nurse said that was great?

I feel like I am learning an entire new language...and that I suddenly know too much about a subject I never thought I would have to.   

Re: Femara + Ovidrel

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    Welcome!  19 and 24mm is great.  GL with this cycle :)
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  • Welcome!  I did the same last month (Femara+Ovidrel(Trigger)+IUI).  Your follicles sound good.  The Ovidrel can give you pregnancy like symptoms for a few days, but I didn't think it was too bad.  For me progesterone suppositories were worse for side effects (started several days after IUI).

    This is an awesome place to ask questions with lots of knowledgable gals!

    Good luck to you!

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  •  Ovidrel always made my boobs really sore and my stomach upset.  The upset stomach lasted for a few days but my boobs would be sore for well over a week. (usually 'till AF arrived)  They are very tolerable side effects.

    Good Luck and welcome to the board! 

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  • Wow!! 9 follicles!! That's awesome!! I don't know how many little ones I had but I had one big one (don't know size). This is my first cycle with Femara and ovidrel too and I am really nervous/excited!! I am 6 dpiui and 8dp trigger shot. I still have sore breasts and off/on cramping and had a very very faint positive hpt from the shot. I am testing until it is completely out of my system. Good luck!!
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  • Thank you for the great information...

    when is it ok to test following my last trigger of Ovidrel?  Should I be ok on day 28?  or wait a little longer?  I don't want any false hope!

  • Most people wait until at least 12 days past your ovidrel shot, personally I wait 14 days.
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