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DH is driving me nuts!  We're going to take a babymoon vacation in mid-October and he's going around and around in circles about where we should go.  I think there's pressure on both of us as it's our last vacation before our first baby.  He's now angry with me because I don't really care where we go and just keep telling him I'm fine with whatever.  We're deciding between Hawaii and Mexico (the Mayan Riviera) but other ideas keep popping up along the way.  I've been dying to go to Spain, however a big part of my motivation for going there is food and I don't want to travel there when I have pregnancy dietary restrictions.  We only have a week (plus the weekends on either end) so Hawaii seems kind of far for such a short time.  On the other hand, maybe we should go somewhere far as we may not want to take such long flights once we have a baby?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Especially those who have traveled during pregnancy before?

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  • everybody reacts differently to travelling during pregnancy...some never have any issues...where others get swollen and feel very uncomfortable.  I traveled with my last pregnancy around 25 weeks on a 3 hour flight and that was enough for me...my feet were swollen and I was exhausted.  I probably would go somewhere that wasn't very far away but that is me...and you might be totally fine.  Obviously I don't know where you live so I don't know how long it would take you to get to Hawaii or Mexico.  Remember some people travel internationally all the time during pregnancy and do fine...you have to decide for yourself how comfortable you feel about it.
  • Oops -- sorry...I'm in NYC, so Hawaii is pretty far.  We're still considering it, though.  My boss keeps telling me about how she went to Tokyo when she was 5 months pregnant so maybe I can handle it?  Maybe it would be a good thing that the flight isn't direct so I could get off the plane for an hour or two in between flights.
  • My husband and I are doing something easy and close to home for our babymoon - we just want to chill out and take it easy and we live near lots of resorts.  We went on a lot  of great trips during our first year of marriage so we feel like we got our pre-baby trips in.

    I just did 24 hours of travel (each way) for a trip and I was fine.  Drink lots and lots of water, walk around a lot  and have your doctor write you a prescription for special hose (TED) to help prevent blood clots if you are doing an 8+ hour flight.


    Enjoy your babymoon!

  • We are planning a trip to Costa Rica (we live in Florida) - it is surprisingly affordable and everyone I know has loved it. Just a thought!
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  • I would definitely recommend going to Hawaii before the baby is here.  DH and I have been there twice and we've also been to the Mayan Riveria.  Hawaii far exceeded our expectations.  It's beautiful beyond words and it's a harder trip to take with a child.  Several people in our party actually got sick on the food in Mexico when we were there and we were at one of the really nice resorts for a wedding.

     I took a trip to Vegas a few weeks ago and flight didn't bother me too much.  I just got up and walked around every hour and was fine.  Whatever you decide to do, have a great trip!

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  • I would avoid mexico with all the things going on there.  I've talked to H about going to vermont for a weekend, we're in Ny so it's a few hrs of driving but i haven't been there in years.

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  • We live in Minnesota and we are heading to Maine for our babymoon.  Some place we have always wanted to go but came up short between sunny beaches and ski mountains.  We figured I can't go snowboarding and can't exactly lay on a lawn chair all day so Maine seemed like a good compromise!  have a great trip!

  • I've tossed around SO many ideas, but I think DH and I have finally figured out the perfect option.  We're flying to the Phoenix area to stay at a spa for a few days to relax.  Other vacation ideas we tossed around had us being gone for about a week but we'd only go like from at Thursday to Monday for a spa.  We're usually pretty active on our vacations so I had no idea how I'd keep from getting bored just sitting on a beach for a week...plus I'd have to drink a ton of water to keep from getting dehydrated. 

    We're splurging a little on the spa because we won't be gone for as long, and we've never been to one so we wanted to do at least one spa thing per day there.  DH has never had a real massage so he's looking forward to being pampered and having some chill time before we're sleep deprived b/c of the new LO.  Have fun, wherever you decide to go!!

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