BF LO AND get kids to school??? What's your schedule?

I'm a new SAHM and have a 4 month old that just recently started this dreadful "waking period".  School also starts Monday for my 12 year old, who I've told I will take him to school now that I'm a SAHM instead of him riding the bus.  Anyone who does this/has done this - what was your routine?

I need to find time to shower (night before or morning?), eat breakfast, feed LO before leaving for school, pump for extra milk, take DS to school, do some type of house cleaning each day, eat lunch, make dinner, give LO a bath (when I do or at night hoping he'll sleep better?)  OH!, and I've been hoping to go to a stroller fitness class each day @ 8:30 LOL

Any suggestions or just telling me how you do similar tasks would be appreciated!

Re: BF LO AND get kids to school??? What's your schedule?

  • I don't stay home but I work so I have less time than you do.  I take my shower at night on the days that DD gets a bath it is done at night before bed.  I get up around 6 and feed LO while pumping the other side with a manual pump (Harmony).  DD then goes back into her crib for some more sleep.  I then get ready for work and eat.  My mom watches DD at our house but some days she has to go to my mom's on those days I just add an extra 15 mins to get out if the house. On the weekends when I am home and I need to pump extra I just pump while I am feeding.  As for cleaning I just pick an area a day to do and DH helps. We have a cleaning person who does deep cleaning but there is still lots to do during the week.   DH and I take turns cooking.  I also go to the gym twice a week in the evening. 

     Since you are staying at home you should have plenty of time my DD naps for a least three hours in the afternoon. Not to come off flame like or anything but I never got how people who stay home all day have trouble getting done what I get done while holding a full-time job.  

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  • Trust me I have been there with the work full time and care for a baby thing too! I did that with DS, mind you my husband was overseas and I worked an hour away so I did it by myself.  I didn't BF, however, so I was asking just to see how others incorporated that into the schedule.  I have also learned since being a SAHM that you do more cleaning up because you're home more to mess it up! I don't know about your job, but even though I had deadlines, etc., I didn't work in a factory or anything so I didn't have a job that required almost constant, I hesitate to call it "interruption" that required my full attention. I would get phone calls, etc., but I could multi-task and be on the phone while working at my computer.  When you're caring for LO and he needs to be put down for a nap, you really can't do anything else but dedicate your time to that.  Since I eat lunch at home, I also have to prepare it and clean up after, where as when I worked I ate out and it was prepared and cleaned up for me.  My DH works very long hours so I take care of dinner and all housekeeping.  When he gets home (8 or sometimes later), I try to not have anything else to do but clean up the kitchen after dinner so we can spend some time together.  This is why I hesitated to take a shower at night, because that's that much more time we could be spending together.  I'm not saying one is harder than the other - just different is all, and it's taking time for me to adjust.   Personally, I never worked as hard at my full-time job as I'm working right now. 

    Thank you for your input, however.  I will try showering at night (me & LO) and pumping when I nurse.  Hopefully that will help ensure a smooth start to school tomorrow.

  • Oh - and my LO naps for 30 mins about 3 times a day.  If someone could tell me how to get mine to sleep for 3 hours - I'm all ears!!!
  • I'm trying to figure out how to get a work out in every day.  Right now I'm working half days in the office until the week of labor day then I will be in the office full days.  I currently give LO a bath before bed.  My DH works from 3:00am -7am and then is home with LO during the day, so he goes to bed at 8:00, LO is usually asleep by 7:30, so I take my shower after DH and LO are in bed.  We have my step daughter 50% of the time, so on the mornings I have to get her up for school I wake her up at 6:30, get her breakfast and ask her to eat and get in the shower by 7:00 so she is ready to go at 7:30 - DH takes her to school.  LO wakes up around 6:30, so I nurse him and spend some time with him and then around 7:00 I will put him in his bouncy seat in the bathroom while I get ready for work.  I nurse him again around 7:45 and then put him back to sleep.  Then I eat breakfast and get my other son up for school and we leave the house at 8:30.  Once I'm back to work full-time I won't get home until around 6:00 so that doesn't leave much time for me to spend with LO before he goes to bed each night.  I guess I could do my work out after he goes to bed.  I just don't know how much I like that because then I'm wide awake and have a hard time going to sleep before 11 and since LO is still waking up at night I need more sleep than 5 hours.  It's tough trying to fit everything in, whether your are a SAHM or a working mom. 

    I've been home for the last 8 weeks and there are days I wouldn't eat until 2 in the afternoon because I was busy with LO, and then when he would nap and I could finally do something for me, I would have the other kids that needed something.  I guess you just have to find the routine that works for you.  

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    Oh - and my LO naps for 30 mins about 3 times a day.  If someone could tell me how to get mine to sleep for 3 hours - I'm all ears!!!

    I think I may be lucky on the sleep thing.  When she was little we followed EASY and now that she is older it has morphed into a shorter nap in the morning, the long afternoon nap, and sometimes a short afternoon nap.  I put her down as soon as she looks tired and she falls asleep.  I am not sure if that will help you.  

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