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I hate the new facebook mindset

Now I love facebook as much as the next person but twice now I have been unaware of parties that I have been invited to because the person invited me via facebook. And not like posted to my wall or something directly but via the event reminder thing that you get no notification for. Sure it sits in the upper right corner of my facebook page but if I don't check over there (and I don't) then I never see it. In both cases the person (different people) acted like I was in the wrong for not being aware of said upcoming party.

Listen people, it's not my problem that you're too lazy to send out real invitations or even bother logging into evite to make an email one. Just because you slap it on an event calender doesn't mean I'm ever going to see it or even care about your flipping Lia Sophia party that you couldn't even be bothered to mention to me personally. Find someone else to drop a hundred bucks on a necklace for you.


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Re: I hate the new facebook mindset

  • I get emails for those.  So you can turn it on to get emails for them.  But I totally get what you mean.
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  • Just go to your Account Settings and set up an email notice for whenever you get invited to an event.  Bingo, problem solved :)
  • I completely agree. Don't get pissy at people who don't respond to Fb invites. Sometimes people take weeks off from FB. Send a real invite if you want a response.
  • i know.. one of my acquaintances was saying something about how i never respond to invites to see musicians at local bars. i said, um i didn't know i was supposed to RSVP to every single invite from a BAR. c'mon...

    here's your RSVP:

    i have a 2 year old and can't afford a date night + a babysitter. so unless you're going to offer to babysit, NO, i won't be there!

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  • I would turn on the email reminders since I doubt you will be able to change your friends' habits, as annoying as they may be.

    On the other side, if an e-vite is what you're sending, you need to be responsible and check up on those who have not RSVP'd. No response NEVER definitively means not coming, whether it's a paper invite or an electronic one.

  • I hate Facebook and this is one of the reasons why.  I quit my account last year, and I miss out on a lot.  People will often only post their photos on FB instead of sending around albums.  And people don't seem to make major announcements the way they used to - I found out that a very good friend was moving to a different city weeks after he announced it on Facebook.  IMO, FB is just the latest in a string of development that have depersonalized human interaction. 

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