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Advice for an eating disorder

I am at a total loss on who to talk to about my little brother that has what I think is an eating disorder.  Back history my little brother who isn't too little anymore he is 21 has always been the big kid and when he moved to California in September he wore an XXL he came home in July and he is in a small which is really loose on him.  My brother is living with his mom, he has terrible mood swings,and he is disappearing after he eats.  And when my brother eats he inhales food to a point I don't even know if he has a chance to taste it and then he wanders off.  My brother will not talk to us about this and my stepmom doesn't know what to do because no one in our family has had an eating disorder.  Any advice?  If there is a better place for me to post this please let me know. Step mom said he will not go to therapy. Is getting him committed to a hospital an option?



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