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Husband finally suggested a boy name, WDYT? (Longish)

The entire time I've been pg, I've been the one suggesting name possiblities for our son, and DH has been shooting most of them down.  Finally, the other day, he comes to me with a name he completely adores: Daxton.

I had never heard of Daxton, although I've heard of Dax, and when I asked him if he made it up he said no, it is a real name and actually the name of a city in France.  He proceeds to tell me how he loves this name and really loves the idea of the baby having the same initials as him (his name is Dylan Grant G__, so the baby would be Daxton Geoffrey G__, where "Geoffrey" is my father's name).  We both agree that we prefer names that are not on the "most popular" lists, so something unique (but not made up).

Anyway, I keep flip-flopping on the name.  Somedays I really love it's uniqueness, but sometimes I'm not sure if it's too out there.  I am happy DH has finally taken an interest at least!

Any thoughts as if this is a good name or is it atrocious?

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Re: Husband finally suggested a boy name, WDYT? (Longish)

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