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HSV Daycare near UAH

Do you guys know of any good daycares near the school? I am thinking about putting Jake in one and if I can't get the one that I want I was going to look around there. Thanks
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Re: HSV Daycare near UAH

  • We go to Primrose - and I don't like the OWNERS but, I really do love the facility and the staff and the curriculum/day to day experience we get there. 

     Premiere is the next best one available.  the others in the area aren't so great (La Petite and Covenant Classical) - from what I have heard from other parents and the teachers at PR. 



  • Choosing a daycare is such a personal thing. My son is in a homebased daycare because I wanted more one on one attention; there are 6 children at his daycare. I've heard the exact opposite of what the previous poster indicated. I strongly considered Covenant Classical and probably would have went that route if he was older, they have a wonderful pre-k and K program.

    I think UAH has a daycare facility right on its campus. Its near the Fitness Center, you might want to check it out.

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