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1st apt/DH

I am having my first appointment tomorow and I do know it will include, bloodowork, pap smear and a sonogram. Dh is coming with me. Did your dh go with you through all of this or just called back during the sono?

Re: 1st apt/DH

  • DH came to almost all my appts for #1, but I don't think he'll go to as many for #2.  If I get them scheduled for the end of the day, he might use them as an excuse to come home 1/2 hour early, though. :o)  I did like having him there for the first appt, though, even though it wasn't that great, I didn't have to go in alone.
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  • I took DH. He could have come back for the pelvic exam part if he wanted to (he didn't). He did come back at the very end to talk to the dr. but really I'd say he didn't need to be there. We did not have a sonogram yet, that'll be in another few weeks and he will probably come for that.
  • DH went to every single appt with DS and he was in the room for everything. It was really nice to have him there. He will go to as many as he can with this LO too. Luckily we have a lot of family close by that have no problem watching DS.
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  • He didn't come for beta draws, but he'll be there for everything else. The b/w appointments with the RE take all of five minutes, so there is no point in him coming.
  • If you want him there, he can be there through it all unless for some reason they don't let you. I knew DH would have questions so he came into every office with me.

    Edit: I wasn't sure if you were asking for the entirety of the first appt or all of the appts. DH may not be able to come to all of my appts which i do not think he really needs to except for the important ones. The others are standard appts.

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  • DH was there for my first appt, the whole thing. It was just questions, bloodwork, and exam. It was a little weird at first, obviously I'm used to going to the gyno alone, but I'm glad he came though. I liked having him to talk to and he was able to ask the doctor questions.

    Edit: clarity

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  • I basically just want to know did he go through the entire appointment by your side or the ultrasound part?
  • He was in there for everything.
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  • We went to a pre app.  Where I had pap and all and my hubby went with me and asked questions! He had a list!  We were deciding if we were going to try to get preg.  We have had 3 mc.  So he wanted to be as informed as me!  It was so cute.  If he wants to go go for it.  I know i was calmer just knowing he was in it almost as much as me.  He was not on the table after all lol
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