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Membranes stripped

Got it done today and it didnt hurt that bad! Now just waiting to see if anything happens. Im 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

For those of u who have had it, did it help start labor?

Re: Membranes stripped

  • I have not had this done..........but just curious---- why did doctor agree to do so?  Have you been having issues and he wanted to move things along--- anything specific? TIA
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  • I had mine done last Wednesday at my weekly and I lost my mucus plug the following morning.  Not labor, but positive progress.  I am having it done again this Wednesday at my weekly.  GL!
  • I had it done wednesday, and I'm still pregnant.  But I feel like it did get things moving more, I have since lost my mucus plug, and I have cramping/mild irregular contractions every day.  

    To pp, my dr didn't even tell me about it until he was already doing it.  It is not a big procedure, so some doctors just do it routinely if you are close to the end and dilated a bit.   

  • I had it done at 39 weeks and then again last week at 40. 2 days after I had it done the 2nd time I slowly started loosing my mucus plug. If I'm still pregnant on my appt on Thursday I'll ask to have it done again.
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  • Im dialated 2 cm and 50% effaced. She said to help start labor. I never had it done with my first child but my doc mentioned it, so i went for it.
  • Had it done last Friday at 4cm and 70% effaced.  Still pg.  Had a lot of cramping and inconsistent contractions over the wknd, but nothing real exciting.  Dr asked permission before doing it.  She did it more because I'm ready and plan on being induced this Friday if I don't go on my own before then.  This pg has been a very tough one, unlike my 2 super easy ones previously.

  • I had it done last week and then again this week at my appt.  Nothing has really happened except I am really sore down there.  I will just wait and see if anything happens this week.
  • I had this done with my first pg. I had it done on a Friday, had contractions about 1 hour later, lost half of mp that night the rest the next night. Then gave birth the following weds. However when I had this done I was not dilated at all.
  • I had this done with my last pregnancy. I was about 39 weeks and dialated almost to a 3.  My appt was at 2PM and contractions started around 7PM and went to hospital about 2AM baby was born about 4AM.  For this pregnancy at my 36 week apt we discussed trying again at my 38 weeks.  I was dialated to about a 2.  Hopefully it will work for you!!
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