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Anyone else have to make the effort for GP's to see LO?

Both of our parents live 5-10 min away.  They are both crazy about DS, yet they will never call us asking to come see him.  I am always the one inviting myself over to their houses so that he can see them, and I'm getting sick of being the only one to make the effort.  DH's mom will call ocassionally to see if we want to come over for dinner, but its rare. 

I decided that I'm not calling either set of our parents anymore since I made sure to tell them last time we saw them "If you ever want to see Sam, just give me a call and you can stop by anytime!"   So I want to see how long it is before they call asking to see him. 

Of course, DH is ruining my efforts for this due to the fact that I have a dentist appt tomorrow that I scheduled for when he'd hopefully be home, and of course they have to work overtime now most likely so I may have to cave and call one of our parents to watch him. 

Anyone else in this situation?

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Re: Anyone else have to make the effort for GP's to see LO?

  • ldooldoo member
    Yup. My ILs never call. And I have a 5 month old and 2 year old. Are they waiting for an engraved invitation??
  • I am!!  My IL's live 2 1/2 hours away.  If we want to see them, we have to load up DS and go on a car ride.  They are retired, so they could easily make the trip.  They just don't.  DH is really fed up with us having to do all of the traveling, especially since we are the ones with the baby.  My parents aren't much better.  They live farther away (5 hrs) and they both work FT, but they haven't seen DS since he was 3 weeks old.  They keep asking when we are going to come to see them....Um, it's really, really hard to travel 5 hrs with a 4 1/2 month old.  Not going to happen!  DH and I have both decided that if anyone cares to see DS then they are more than welcome to come and visit us!!
  • ldooldoo member
    Ugh. So annoying! Does no one remember what it's like to travel with a baby?! My current stance: Come visit us.
  • Not that I want my IL's to show up whenever, but they get mad that we never invite them over. They are more than welcome to come, they don't need an invitation. I get frustrated because they get offended we don't go out of our to have them over. Make sense?ETA: They live an hour away and DS is just now not screaming the whole time he is in the car. That and I'm not comfortable taking him to their hourse because it's very .... cluttered. They also have a huge dog that they let run the place.
  • Wow I just had this conversation with DH. His dad lives ten minutes away and has seen LO once when he was still in the NICU for less than 5 minutes. I think he is waiting for DH to specifically invite him over. MIL lives in another country and hasn't made the effort to come over to see her only grandchild. We were waiting to hold the baptism when she arrived but she says she can't get the time off work. Which may very well be true but seeing as she is a health visitor (goes around visiting postnatal moms) you would think her bosses would be a bit understanding. Ah well...



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  • We had this problem in the beginning, particularly with my MIL. LO is her only grandchild, and at 6 weeks old she had seen her maybe 3 times. It got back to us through SIL that she wanted my DH to WANT her to come over. Ick!

    Anyway, DH told her that it was absurd, and that we are perfectly fine sitting down as a family and don't think about calling, because if we did we'd have to call EVERYONE and that's unreasonable. He told her if she, or anyone else, wants to see LO, then she's gonna have to call - we're not going to beg her to come and see her own grandchild. 

    Needless to say, she started calling.

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