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Info about DB taking your lo...

If you read your recognition of parentage information (I researched this this weekend because I was worried about this as well)....

it states....

"When a child is born to parents who are not married
to each other the law gives custody of the child to
the mother (this includes both physical and legal custody). If the father wants a different custody
arrangement, he must go to court. If the parents cannot
agree on parenting time, the father must go to court.
If you have questions, please contact an attorney."

SO, for those who are worried that if DB is on the BC and takes them out of state and tries to file for full custody, but you were not married, they can't do that. You can then file kidnapping charges against the non-custodial parent as they are in the wrong.

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Re: Info about DB taking your lo...

  • Hmmm... I don't think that's true, for my state at least.

    This is all mine says: Paternity establishment gives the father rights, including the right to pursue custody. If the parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, the parents should address custody issues in a court order

    When we spoke to a lawyer right after we split, he straight up said that if X were to take DS and not give him back to me, all he had to do was show the cops the BC with his name on it, and they couldn't make him give DS back (this is without having a custody order).

    Of course, every state is different.  So everybody needs to check with their own state laws to see what's true for them.

  • Only a few states automatically give sole custody to a single mom. MOST do not.
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  • I know in Florida it's not like that. It gives custody to both parents. It doesn't differentiate the rights between married parents with a kid or unmarried parents.
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