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Bath every night?

DD is 4 1/2 weeks old and I know that it is a little early to start a routine, but I would like to start something. (for both of us)  I have many friends who give their children a bath EVERY night.  I am worried about her skin drying out...she does LOVE her baths and is very relaxed afterward. 

 Do you give your LO a bath every night and if so when did you start?


Re: Bath every night?

  • We bathe DD every night as part of her bedtime routine.  We put lotion on her afterwards and haven't had any issues with her skin drying out.  I think we started with the baths and the routine around five weeks and by six weeks she was STTN.  If you're really concerned about your LO's skin, you could do the bath every night but just use soap every other night.  We did that at first.
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  • I bathe little one in the morning as part of his routine....wake up, play, bath, dress for the day, nurse to sleep for afternoon nap. Sometimes in the evening I bathe him again.  I just dont always use soap.  I didnt want to dry him but it does relax him and the play time in the bath tires him out so it always helps settle him down.
  • We give her a bath every night.  We use California Baby Sensitive Shampoo and we haven't had any issues with drying out.  I can't imagine not bathing her every day.  It is so hot here and she gets sticky and sweaty sometimes and she will start to smell of old milk by the end of the day no matter how many times I wipe her.  She enjoys her bath and I enjoy a clean girl!
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  • I'm glad you asked this. I've been wanting to do a bedtime bath every night but was worried about it drying her out. I think I'll give it a try!
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  • I do an evening bath 2-3 times per week just before my sons last feeding of the night.  We do a bath, lotion him up, put footed pj's on, and then do the last nursing session of the day, then off to bed.
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  • We do a bath every night have been doing it since the first day we came home we have had no problems with dry skin. I always make sure I lotion him up. He is now 7 weeks old.
  • We just started trying a routine at 6 weeks. We do: nurse, bath, lotion and a few minutes of tummy time with mommy and daddy talking to him, story, nurse some more, and bed. We bathe every night, but we only wash his every every 2-3 nights.
  • We bathe every night because she likes it now. We use soap every other day. When she hated baths we did once or twice a week (it wasn't warm here yet - she wasn't dirty).

    I was told no lotion till after 12 weeks. We still don't use any lotion and have had no dry skin issues (again we may when it gets drier here)

  • We give DS a bath every night as part of his bedtime routine. I helps to relax him and sleep good. His skin hasn't dried out but I also use lotion occasionally too and give him a baby massage with it. He's been getting baths every night since his umblical stump fell off.
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  • DD has super dry skin and exzema (sp?) so even a bath without soap dries her out. Because of that, we generally bath her every 3 days or so. I run a wet wash cloth over her at night before I put her pajamas on, just to clean up dried milk and such.
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    I do an evening bath 2-3 times per week just before my sons last feeding of the night.  We do a bath, lotion him up, put footed pj's on, and then do the last nursing session of the day, then off to bed.

    This.  Also, our pedi told us that we still shouldn't be bathing DS more frequently than this yet, he's too young.  I should add though that even though its hot here, we have central AC and DS very rarely sweaty, he goes from house to AC in car to AC wherever we go, its rare that I keep him outside very much since it is so hot.

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