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Question about Cervidil

Once they insert it, are you at the hospital from that time on or do they send you home?

If you stay at the hospital, can you be up and walking?

Re: Question about Cervidil

  • I'm getting it inserted Monday night and I have to stay at the hospital.  I don't know the answer to the second part. 

    GL!!  They will come out sooner or later ;)

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  • With my DD they started to give this to me but I was not allowed to leave. They hooked me up to an IV and began the admission process.  Since it's something that they are inserting in you I would think they want you to sit still but in my case they ended up not doing it bc I started laboring on my own. hth

  • When I got it they told me I had to be in bed for an hour.  After that I could get up if I needed to but I was already hooked up to the IV so that had to come with me to the bathroom.  I've heard of people being sent home afterward but that's not what happened to me.
  • OB inserted the gel at 4:00pm and then i had to lie in the bed for one hour to be monitored.  I got to go home after that and if nothing happened, i was told to return the next morning at 6:30am to be "officially" induced.

    I actually went into labor while there and decided to go home anyways because i knew it would be a little bit until active labor and i didn't really want to walk the hallway.  I returned to the hospital at midnight and was 4cms (i was nothing when the gel went in).

  • I had it and you have to lay flat on your back for two hours(miserable). I was told you have to stay at the hospital to be monitored. My baby did not respond well to it and it made her heart beat speed up so they eventually took it out.
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  • I'm getting mine inserted on Tuesday night and have to stay.  I'm not sure about the walking part, because I'm on bedrest anyway for high BP. 
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